Heavy testicles / balls (details during reboot #2)

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    Hi ,
    so now I have some time and want to go into detail of some issues (This is the second thread, first one here).
    My last relapse was last Sunday, so I'm on day #6.
    And actually the last 5 days were astonishingly easy (with almost no thoughts/urges).

    It's difficult to describe, but many of you can probably relate to it. After no release for some days there is this feeling in the testicles, like heavy or prickle feeling, some call it bloated, or dull ache.
    (And it's not to be confused with blue balls)
    It's mostly not painful in that sense but definitely uncomfortable ...

    Propably it has to do with the semen build-up in that time.
    Update (after 6 months): see my next post.

    The (or my?) problem is, this leads to more toughts about PMO, and that leads to increasing urges. So I'd like to stop this chain in the earliest possible stage. Also that can lead to wet dreams (every 1-2 weeks), which sometimes mess up everything, too.

    Of course I searched for "nofap heavy testicles" and read the stuff, but it's not that helpful.
    That feeling is really annoying, but I dont want to use it as an excuse for an MO-only relapse (aka "flush the system" like in the post).
    These guys are also talking some stupid stuff ("just dont go over 90 days....at this point the balls become so filled with man jam they explode
    it happened to a friend")

    Cool showers seem to help, but it's not always possible (especially at work :p)

    So how do you deal with that ?
    Some medical backgound/information for that would be helpful, too.
    I'd be grateful for advice on these questions.
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  2. DocZhivago

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    I don't think it's a bad thing. Uncomfortable at times, yes. I can also see how it might lead to PMO, or just MO. I think it's possible to exercise self control until your body does expell it with a wet dream. That has its own mess, to be sure, but I guess life is full of choices. There are plenty of people who masturbate regularly and have no problems, just like there are millions of people who drink a bit of alcohol every day, and it's no big deal. And then there are fapstronauts who are here for one reason or another, and PMO becomes not an option. For where you're at, the benefits might outweigh the discomfort or inconvenience.

    As for medical advice, I don't think there is hard evidence (HA!) of it being good or bad either way.
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  3. wake_up

    wake_up Fapstronaut

    Haha, hard evidence :p
    Ok, as long there is none that says it's bad, I'll just deal with it and be more mindful in these situations.
    Thank you both.
  4. wake_up

    wake_up Fapstronaut

    Interesting ... it seems there is a post missing here ...

    Anyway, one slightly embarassing confession: It was mainly due to some newly bought trunks at that time, which had thicker seams at the height of the testicles.
    Funny thing: I shower in the evening, changed new underwear, and this heavy feel & urges started -> that looked like a nofap symptom (the typical urges in evening ...)

    I still have this sometimes, especially in the 3-16 days range, but it's manageable now and maximum 20-30% of the intensity before !
    So it took some time, but I learned that:
    * With sticking to nofap there will be larger changes in your daily physical and mental well-being , with that I mean often discomfort in the beginning, and also regular discomfort during fighting the urges (-> ok, sure, that's nothing new ...)
    * Search more for external factors/changes if I face discomfort and not always blaming nofap.
    * I should better look for / focus on the positve sides of nofap & the improvements.
  5. DingDonDing

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    Want to cut the heavy feeling you get? Follow this:
    1.clean your penis
    2.take noxema or some equivalent and place it on your balls
    3.take a shaving razor and shave your balls
    4.take a warm shower and end it wit a cold shower.
    Guarantee to shrink your balls back to normal.
  6. wake_up

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    Hey, thanks for the info.
    I updated my journal and I'll post it here as well:

    The current medical condition which bugs me the most (again) is his "heavy balls feeling" / testicle pain which started again last month. At the beginning of the year I went to a physician, but he didn't find anything (besides a "minor varicose") and dismissed it as stress. Wasn't that helpful ...
    I agree, that stress may be a factor but the main reason is probably the first part. I just remembered spontaneously that the physician mentioned it, and I searched for it last week and also translated it to English.
    So on the testicles it's called varicocele and seems people here on google/nofap often write about it.
    So now I want to dig deeper now and understand what I can do.
    Seems some people report improvements, while others notice it for the first time during nofap ...

    I'll check if I can apply your tips to that as well and report back.
  7. testosterone123

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    I’m copying and pasting this from another thread I wrote it in but here is my advice for the varicocele. I have bilateral varicocele and my left testicle shrank from it. I’ve been on NoFap for 7 days now and I’m hoping it will help. I also workout consistently and eat a really healthy diet free of dairy and processed foods. Eatfoods with anti inflaming properties like garlic, turmeric, blueberries, fish oil, etc... Something else to try out is inversion, it allows the excess amounts of blood in the veins to drain out and bring in new fresh blood. Stretching can also help, if your muscles are tight then blood flow will berestricted. Specifically stretch the legs and abdomen. Another common side effect of varicocele is overheating of the testicles. Every day up to 3 times a day pour coolwater over your testcicles for about a minute in the shower. Always pour coolwater over them after working out and even before working out if you can. One of the best exercise to for varicocele is swimming because it cools the testicleswhile you get a workout. It’s also goodbecause your body is in a horizontal position which prevents blood pooling. Avoid hot showers, saunas, and hot tubs. Make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This is very important because when we sleep our body heals itself and produces hormones like testosterone which most men with varicocele are deficient in. There is a type of underwear that separates the testicles and the penis which gives the testiclesmore support while also allowing them to sit at a cooler temperature because the penis isn’t heating the testicles. Sometimes men with varicocele have digestive problems as well which only puts more strain on the veins in that area so make sure to drink a lot of water and eat fiber, taking a probiotic also helps. I hope this helps you out, stay strong.
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    how dafuq u do that? last time i tried i cut me sack

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