Heavy Weight or Light weight training

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  1. Yep always good to have a good balance. For me I’m doing a 6 day a week Calisthenics routine of Close handed Push-you, super set with shoulder wide push-ups, close handed chin-ups, Close leg squats, lunges, bridges and leg raises, of reaching the goal of 30, 15-30 & 100s fit the rest. Using the idea of flow training to build up doing more, with good form and technique, as can do 10 for the upper body, 36 for the others, & 27 for leg raises.
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    hey man, calisthenics are great. I read an article the other week that explained how calisthenics/body weight movements are the most practical for muscle development as well as joint health.
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  3. Yep, as why I have a fondness for it and also just wanting to reach the rep goal to prove something to myself. Also with the close handed Push-up I place on thumb over an other to get my hand more flat on the ground, and I switch thumbs after doing a certain amount, so I am ding double the amount, just working on bettering my form and technique.
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    im on the borderline of underwieght and ideal wieght so im focusing on putting on the ideal weight an balance ,i mix it up, short duration heavy weight training then switch to long duration light weight training professionals swear thats how you grain muscle,i make sure my muscles are screaming an crying begginf for me to stop the torture ,they are broken down then they build back up but stronger an bit bigger
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    theres females out there who are scared to work out like males cause they dont want to look like males but in reality its our testorone levels that are higher then females that make us appear how we apear
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    Rugby players seem to have a reasonable balance. Bloody strong but required to have cardiovascular also, so a good balance?
    World Cup happening right now, folks.
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    i wouldnt want to get into a physical altercation with a rugby player he would put me in a head lock an drag me afew blocks down the street lmao
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    I would say do both. I have been doing a mixture but much more medium weight and focusing on form than anything else. Maybe what I’m doing now isn’t the best long term plan but I have been making decent gains as of recent.
  9. I do "smart, sensible training".
  10. 1-5 rep range (Heavy) = Targets strength
    8-12 rep range (Medium) = Targets mass
    12+ range (Light) = Tones muscles
  11. Fair enough, I hope you reach your goal with your routine, though my situation of exercising at home with adjustable getting as heavy as 20 kg each dumbbell so feel it's more moderate weight I would go, though at the moment my routine is more Calisthenics based goal of reach a rep with close handed push-up (Where one hand is more dominant then the other, then switch it to do the same amount of number of reps as the first time, so I am doubling it) and close handed chin-ups.

    Also what is the last bit about women and exercising? Though yeah it is true about most.
  12. Yeah that is true, as doing more than football players of getting hit by the other team.
  13. Cool good to hear that.
  14. Yeah I have no idea if you are being serious or sarcastic here.
  15. I only use 6kg for months now and I made such a improvement. Sometimes I think like: how did my lazy butt achieve that... but I did my training constantly ans thats how. I only use dumbbells. Also it's important what you eat and drink.
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    I love heavy to medium weight training and it did wonders to me when I started with it. I am a rockclimber, so I do a lot more calisthenics now in order to maximize the strength to weight ratio
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    Do both, work in different rep ranges, shock the muscle.
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    There is so much debate online and in the world of fitness as to what kind of weights one should lift in order to achieve a muscular physique. There is research that proves even light weights at high reps are beneficial for muscle growth, as long as your diet is on point. But a lot of the information you'll find online, and what is the most popular, is lifting heavy for maximum muscle gains.

    Personally I would say, based on what I've read, that low reps, medium reps, and heavy reps each benefit muscle growth. Like I said though, diet is crucial here. Find out how many calories you need to make gains and go from there.
  19. I am obviously being sarcastic... People who only do light training or heavy training are both missing out. Training is always a mixture of both types of stimulus. Why not do both? The title asks "heavy weight training or light weight training" which is not optimal. Hence, the smart arse remark by me. :rolleyes:

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