Hello , 17 years addicted, making a change

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by wintersunrise, Mar 16, 2018.

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    I am 30 years old. Addicted to porn since middle school. Never have stopped masturbating to porn except for some short time periods when I "thought" that everything was going alright with my GF at the time.

    As a single man I cant help myself at all. It is possible porn reward cycles made me seem impersonal and mechanical in sex more than i should be. I would have connected emotional sex , but also use a woman as a masturbatory tool.

    I have constant anxiety, memory, attention problems, anxiety leads to fapping and the disconnected sex. I have recognized the cyccle and i have gained confidence by reading stories and testimonials and other things about nofap.

    I am going to become better, i am going to rewire my brain. I have quit cigarettes , drinking, and drugs, but fapping is such a strong addiction.

    It is not a healthy way to deal with anxiety.
    I am here to share stories and gain confidence and hopefully give confidence.

    Today i start.

    this video is a good one.

  2. Single Palm Change

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    Welcome, great decision.

    Yes, PMO is one of the strongest drugs of all, with the strongest mind tricks and withdrawal.

    You seem to be pretty aware of yourself, that's good.

    A couple of advices:
    • Join a challenge tread. A sense of community and sharing your daily struggle is very important.
    • Supporting others is a great way of keeping the reboot going strong
    • Don't put yourself down when you relapse. You are going to relapse at least a few times before getting a good streak going - that's just the way it is. Try to analyse and learn as much from your relapses as possible.
    • Read up on the litterature every day, to remind yourself, educate yourself and avoid common pitfalls. Go to yourbrainonporn.com and start exploring
    • Take up exercise or a hobby as a way to change habits. You cannot kill a bad habit without substituting it with something else - so get ahead of the problem and put a good and healthy habit in place, otherwise you will unconsciously develop another bad habit to deal with the underlying stuff the PMO addiction provides relief from.
    That's it for now.
    Happy rebooting
  3. wintersunrise

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    Thanks for the response,

    The realization that there is a community effort to help ourselves with this problem has given me strength.
    I will be taking your advice into consideration.
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    Im 17 years old 3 days in on the nofap lifestyle. This is an ongoing war against yourself. This battle is harder then any battle fought in history. You can continue using your outdated tactics and capitulate or you can adapt and achieve victory. No Surrender, Victory at all costs ✌.
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  5. Single Palm Change

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    Hehe, alright... You seem to have a weird war-fetish! That's okay, but I don't think my tactics are outdated. They work for me and many others on the forums.
    If you have any advice that is not obscurely vague war metaphors, please let us know
  6. TheForeverWar

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    Listen, im not here to give you tips, im your hype man trying to get you motivated. Good luck.
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    [QUOTE = "The ForeverWar, post: 1360864, member: 198827"] Tengo 17 años 3 días en el estilo de vida nofap. Esta es una guerra en curso contra ti mismo. Esta batalla es más difícil que cualquier batalla librada en la historia. Puedes continuar usando tus tácticas desactualizadas y capitulando o puedes adaptarte y lograr la victoria. Sin rendición, victoria a toda costa ✌. [/ QUOTE]
    Bien dicho!!! Suerte! !!
  8. Hi @wintersunrise
    Glad to meet you here. And very welcome to join us in our journey to a healthy, fulfilling life without any self harming habits.

    It's a safe place here. We all are in the same boat, so there is no single space for judgement here.
    Maybe it's a good idea to keep a journal. Sharing your struggles, thoughts and feelings may help you to understand the underlying issues.

    Keep coming back and get the most effort out of nofap!
    You don't need to do it alone!

    Let's go to work! And make it a great time here for yourself!
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