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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by yesaddicted, Feb 3, 2020.

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    hello,i am 19 years old.porn was introduced to me when i was 12.I wasted my whole teenage on porn and masturbation.I recently got this idea of nofap and i set a streak of 11 days in my first attempt i felt relly good during the streak but when i relapsed i went on chasor effest and fapped for 4 times(never done before). i felt i am the shittest person on this planet then after i set another streak of 7 days and failed again.I was again depressed.I am now starting NoFap february guyz help me posting some advice.
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    Hey bud. Good to see you here. I too am a teen trying to make a change here, so I'm with you :D!

    I didn't get what you exactly mean by posting advice, but here goes :
    1.You can look through other people's stories here, and respond to them, thereby being an active member of the community.
    2. Have an avatar and a status on your profile (click on the icon near top right of screen, then click profile).
    3. You can also let others know you are there, so that they know they aren't alone. This will also help you to build motivation.
    4. Have your badge setup (menu --> update day counter)
    5. For logging in your progress, you can use the reboot logs (under 20 section). If you have questions, feel free to ask. You will find a lot of answers on various posts.

    Good luck, brother! Take it day by day, and remember, always, YOU CAN DO IT! :)
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