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    Hi there. Am a 30 year old single working guy, from India. Had got into the habit watching porn and masturbating to it, for hours on end. Had been doing this for at least a decade plus. Came to a realization couple of days back, of it(watching porn, masturbating to it, etc being pointless and time wasting). Have had couple of relapses, while trying to get rid of the habit. Joined this forum as I feel the need for a mentor/mentors who can guide me through this. Helpful opinions would be much appreciated.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here.

    My suggestion is to invest some time -- which you would have used with porn -- in learning more. Read a lot on this site, and others you'll find mentioned here, that will help you understand, and also help you plan a strategy.

    Under this comment is a link that may help.
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