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    Hey there! I am a student pursing my Engineering in Electronics and I am 21 years old. I have been a heavy porn user since age 15. It started as a simple pleasure mechanism, but soon it engulfed me to the extent that I started using it daily- twice-before and after bed. On the days, when I had no work, it would go till 4 times. I had a girlfriend in my 10th standard. I loved her a lot but after a year, we broke up and during our relationship I did not watch porn, even though we never had sex. I felt pure with her but after our break up I became an avid user of porn. Soon I kinda became passive and dived into "incest", "taboo" and "anime" categories to feel that surge of pleasure.
    Its not that I had difficulty with talking to girls but soon I just preferred not to. I was wasting a lot of my time, and porn and masturbation soon ate up a lot of my time which was supposed to be allotted for studying for a major exam for college.
    All of these problems like-wasting time, getting extremely short tempered and also loneliness did not bother me. But soon I realized when I came to college that I have a huge problem in concentration. I fell in love with electronics and solving problems related to it, but there was no focus and only frustration. 2 years passed by and then I came across a video by *** (I watched a lot of motivational videos). It then it dawned upon me that maybe I am addicted. So, I tried out for 14 days and but gave up on the 10 day or so. But mind you, I had already seen the benefits of NoFap, like I read a lot faster and absorbed information quicker. I completed a book in 3 days which was very difficult for me, earlier.
    Now, I have started my journey again. I am 8 days down, had to fight a lot of urges. I replaced my daily routine with jogging in the morning (I am obese 110kgs) and have taken up reading which I love (a lot). I have another major exam coming up this November and I want to improve myself before that. Not waste my time and prepare really hard. I need focus and concentration back in my life. And I believe I WILL DO IT. I surely need your support and would love to help anyone but yes I have only completed 8 days.
    Another thing, which I have observed, porn addicts like me, will start to think of women as an object of sex. This notion really disgusts me and I will do anything to remove it from my brain, as some part of my brain upholds them and respects them.
    Thanks a ton to the person and the community who have created this site. I am currently reading the getting started manual.
    PS: do tell me if you all want an update. And I am going for the 90 day HARD mode challenge.
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    Welcome to NoFap. Yes, YOU WILL CRUSH PMO. You just got to persevere and want to be better. Good to hear you understand porn corrupts our perception of women, and I'd recommend Your Brain On Porn if you haven't already seen it to illustrate the damage PMO causes. It's encouraging to hear your experiencing the benefits of NoFap so soon, hopefully porn hasn't addicted your brain too much. Wish you the best
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