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    Not sure what to say here about myself - pretty unremarkable but here goes I guess.

    I'm 22, recently out of University. I always knew I watched porn and masturbated more than your 'average joe' (excuse the pun) but never really considered it an addiction or particularly harmful. In the last few months I've noticed a lack of motivation, a serious lack of productivity and just general feelings of depression; nothing serious but enough not to go unnoticed. It's frustrated me for as long as I've recognised it because I know I'm better than this; I was better than this not too long ago during my studies. For a while I was racking my brain for a reason and after reading some things online, here I am. While I can't say with the blame lies solely with my consumption of porn, I think it certainly plays a part in keeping me in this slump. Don't expect this to be a cure-all but a step in the right direction hopefully. Not sure how intro's on here usually go so I hope this isn't too long or completely wrong. Cheers.
  2. Welcome to the community. Read, learn and start making your plan.

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