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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by chocolatemint, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. chocolatemint

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    Hi there!
    I'm chocolatemint cuz I love chocolate and mint. 21 year-old. Undergraduate student of biomedical science in year 2.
    I'm so glad that I found this site cuz I really need help to be free from my addiction to pornography.
    This addiction makes me feel so demotivated and so helpless. Like most of the time I feel like I want to drop out.
  2. Cuauhtli

    Cuauhtli Fapstronaut

    Best of luck on your journey! Take one day at the time.
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  3. SirErnest

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    It's good that you have started. Take a look at the women-only section, plus also the Success Stories one...
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  4. Hey & Welcome to NoFap Community! :)

    You are in the right place for recovery here. We are so glad to have you with us to beat this addiction together.

    You can go read some Success Stories in the "Success Stories" section to learn more about the benefits of NoFap , get useful tips and ideas to help you in the reboot.

    If you have any question about rebooting, you can ask it in the "Rebooting" section.

    And i would recommend you to make your own journal in the "Reboot logs" corresponding to your gender & age to track your everyday progress.

    Best of luck to you in your journey!

    +Here's a post where you can find many important information that will help you in the reboot, Check it out:

    -The Winner
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  5. delhiboy

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    Biomedical science! Really a dream for many students. You have got a great opportunity @chocolatemint dont thi k about quitting. Just focus on quitting pmo. Set a counter here and start today. All the best.
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  6. RightLane

    RightLane Fapstronaut

    Welcome to NoFap!! I'm glad you made it here!

    I would definitely recommend starting a counter. I would also recommend posting each day in a journal here. I would also highly recommend joining a challenge. There are 30 day, 60 day, 90 day challenges and they are super helpful when you are first starting off. AP's are great too.

    I wish you the best on this journey to beat this addiction. Fight hard!!!
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  7. Welcome to the comminity!

    Great decision to join NoFap, sharing your struggles will prove very helpful. Stay focused and never lose hope. This is a difficult journey but it is possible to change our bad habits. Be patient with yourself learn as much as possible and keep moving forward :)

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