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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Zeta, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Hey guys, my name is not important so you can call me Zeta.
    I live in italy, although I originally american, I'm 17.

    So I decided that I really didn't need to join this forum to reboot on my own but, today I said what the heck I'll join and spread my thoughts.
    I started my abstinence from PMO on sunday 21th, all was going well but today I had my first relapse after I found some not delete material & decided to look thru it; bad idea.
    Overall I'm quite able to control my urges but once i sit at my pc to do any kind of work that bores me, I start to feel them. (No way to limit myself on the PC, I'm a damn programmer & my studies are done on the PC. :| )
    But now with everything gone, and auto-redirects set in place. I'm ready to go for MUCH longer. My personal goal would be at least 30days, then I'll see to extending that once i reach it.

    So why did I choose to start a reboot? Well ever since i discovered Os, I think 14, i did it just about everyday and slowly started to do it more and more a day. Before realizing i need to do something to stop this, i was masturbating about 2-3 time a day.
    A month ago I hooked up for the first time with a girl, I really liked her, but being the nerd I am (And it doesn't help that my main language is English not Italian, and that I'm dyslexic), I was always super shy and missed a lot of chances to get further into our relationship. I also noticed that I didn't have any drive when with her as all my urges where satisfied. We inevitably broke up.

    So apart from other personality flaws that I'm currently working on, I decided that i need to stop PMO so that I have a Normal & Healthy sexual Drive; stop with the Beta thoughts and become an alpha male.

    In the few days (4, i know its low.) I noticed that I have more energy and am more awake during important lessons & throughout the day. I noticed that I got less tired when working out, felt more confident.
    Some of this might be some sort of placebo effect, but its working so don't ruin it for me xD
    Other good news is that after i PMO-ed today, I didn't feel exhausted as usual and didn't have the usual rush of beta thoughts.

    Anyways, Nice to meet all of you guys. I was glad to not be the only one with this issue. I've read a bit of threads on here and on Reddit but I don't intend on posting on there.
    Hope I didn't miss anything I was supposed to wright in the introduction.

    (For those interested, once i gain enough confidence I'll ask out my ex, as we broke up because i was too beta. She didnt say it directly, but looking back I know it to be the reason.)
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    Hi, Zeta and welcome to the community. I am new here as well. Good luck on your NoFap journey.
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