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    My name is Stevie I'm 29 years old and I've been struggling with porn and sex addiction for a long time now. I've made an account here because I see now that I can't stop my PMO addiction alone and need some kind of support group. I'm excited to read up on different resources and tools I can use to stop using porn once and for all and to talk with you all!
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    Welcome bro! Congrats for taking this step!

    I suggest starting a journal Ages 25-29 I believe that to be helpful as it gives you an extra accountability and having a place to share your victories and mistakes to help/inspire other fapstronauts!
    I also suggest reading nofap's pdf Getting-Started-with-NoFap.pdf at least the sections where you can benefit from as it goes over the pmo addiction in further details and Why your brain got addicted in the first place among other useful things!
    Of course reading up others' strategies and trying it out is useful, but the best tool to finally quit in my opinion is experience and once you are serious about quitting and setting up personal goals that you want to accomplish, you will find your own ways to help yourself!
    I wish you all the best in your journey!
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    Thank you I wish you well in yours too
  4. Hi Stevie, welcome to our community! Wish you the best on your recovery!
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