Hello people come and make an inference about me please!

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  1. lamerboi

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    hi, I am a 23 y.o person and I want you to come and give me your opinion about my condition based on the information that I am going to give about myself.

    4 years ago I had a relationship that lasted 2 years. we had sex anytime we wanted and I must tell you I love sex too much, yes too much, all day I dreamt about sex. last 2 years I had flirts so I was able to have sex in the meantime. over a year I watched porn too much almost everyday and went for more than two in a day. I must say that I dont want to watch porn but whenever I try to do it I become so touchy, sentimental, emotional, sensitive, weak you name it. I become so weak that I get offended anything that is said to me, anyone could hurt me easily. When this happens I immediately want to become reckless again so I go for the porn. after the ejaculation I feel a great relief in me and recklessness flaws in me, I mind nothing and nobody. I like when this happens it makes me feel strong but as I have stated before, I dont want this I dont want to watch porn.

    So I dont want to say that I need help, I expect you to come to a conclusion about me, if you have any idea, and tell me if the porn is good for me or not.

    please dont hesitate to project your thought, your evaluation means so much for me. you can comment here or pm me, just dont hesitate.

    this is my first post here so please let me know if something is wrong with post.
  2. BreakfastPie18

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    Let me make an objective statement: Porn is bad. It's bad for me, it's bad for you. It's bad for everybody. There isn't one person that porn is good for. I don't think I have to really go into it, but... let's just say it screws you up mentally. As a guy, women become flesh to you. Motivation disappears. You're spiking your brain with dopamine... what could be better than that? Forget about accomplishing anything else. Your brain thinks you're getting lots of vagina. You win at life!

    Overcoming addiction is never easy. You will see changes in yourself at first that you didn't want to see. It will get harder before it gets easier. Becoming easily agitated is a very common withdrawal symptom among addicts. That is the objective truth. Don't lie to yourself man. You were made for more than this!
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  3. lamerboi

    lamerboi New Fapstronaut

    Thank you for the reply, as I have said, I want to quit watching porn but I also want to be reckless and insensitive without porn. what about masturbation? I set my pmo tracker only for porn but should it include masturbation too? if no how it should be?
  4. A new person

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    I think that because of the addiction to p and m, stop it and you'll go back to normal
  5. benjaminbboy

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    Hey man, interesting read. You mentioned touchy emotional sensitive and weak. These things don't make you weak if you're in full control of your emotions, which takes time. tbh, you might subconsciously be using that "reason' to continue to masterbate ( I could be wrong but addicts always find ways to rationalize irrational things).
    I get that feeling of 'not caring about anything' after ejaculation but caring is good. The solution to you becoming too sensitive is not ejaculation but something else. May be learning about yourself, and learning why others thoughts and words mean so much. The ejaculation way is not a solution but an escape.

    Feel free to hit my inbox as well man. Good luck on your journey.

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