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  1. Hello everyone, i am a 21 years old normal dude who is finally giving online forums a try, since i always felt them as a waste of time (yeah, even when i constantly use them for information lol).

    i restarted NoFap counter two days ago, after a 35 days streak. I have socializing problems and i always felt too ashamed of myself to even talk about masturbation (my fathers know nothing about this, tho they may guess at this time). i thing it is time to accept people and stop running (yeah, i watched Evangelion 3.0+1.0 and Shinji boy really encouraged me).

    Masturbation is a total problem, and i will tell you why:
    • Here in my country we have water problems, so each time i try to masturbate, i spend water my parents or i could use for any other necessity.
    • I waste toiled paper doing that thing. As funny as awful.
    • I waste my precious time while i run from resposibilities, like college, friends, excercise, whatever you could think about.
    • I can be on my bed without thinking on porn for god's sake. everytime i go to sleep i think on ladies (actually, it is a very effective way to sleep, tho i would prefer to sleep with... idk, cars or sucess dreams).
    • I assume ladies are an impossible goal to achieve, so i create negative thoughts towards them.
    • I have even thought kids are negative for the world and it would be better to have none. In the deep of my heart, i know that's just not right.
    I want to make a total PMO for 60 days as the bare minimun, and 90 days as the standard. However, i understand that PMO is not gonna change my life by itself. I want to use it in order to face my social fears, focus towards my academic and social goals, becoming a better person.

    I still need to read a lot about how to properly use this forum, so i am sorry if i am forgetting of something.

    I am running out of time, so i just wish you have a great day! take care

    and yeah, this is my day 2 of NoFap PMO lol.
  2. Doc. Tinker

    Doc. Tinker Fapstronaut

    Hello and good luck on your journey.

    If you want a peace of advice on how to use the forum... there's one:

    Start a journal
    Read other people jounrals
    Reply to other people journals and make buddies
    Don't spend time arguing in articles about something stupid like "My BaLlS GrEw On DaY 2o"
  3. HAHAHA thank you for the advices. i will use my extra time wisely :cool:
  4. Great post and welcome to this great forum. You show an amazing amount of insight into your problems which can only eb a good thing, as it shows you know where to start.

    Good luck my friend

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