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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by notAlone, Sep 6, 2015.

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    My name is Paul, and im 26 yo.
    I came on this site by chance, but I really want to try out the nofap challenge.

    I'm into a chastity/cuckold fetish tho, so im not sure its compatible, but anyway :) I'm doing it more for the challenge than to cure an eventual addiction (I am not feeling addicted, but Im just ultra horny everytime). My longest streak w/o orgasm has been 25 days, but I did edge.
    So now I want to try to go 90 days w/o porn/edge/orgasm.

    I got a question tho out of interest: Many ppl here are trying to quit PMO, but does that mean that you will not ever masturbate again? That sounds a bit sad to me. But maybe I am wrong, I don't know :)

    Anyway, glad to join this community!
  2. britaxe

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    Welcome to the Community.
    Trust me... you ARE addicted you just don't know it. You are addicted to dopamine. What you need to do is research dopamine addiction and the effects of P and continual M on the brain.
    Edging is keeping the brain soaked in dopamine for unnatural lengths of time. I've done this myself for a long time.

    It's more than likely the fetish is a result of continual dopamine use. Your brain needs more and more to get the kick it needs. Resulting in more extreme sex games until your brain is satisfied. These will probably reduce if you change yourself.

    If i'm wrong here I'm sure i'll be correctly by more experienced Fapstranaughts who have abstained/changed habits of a lifetime and have gone longer than i have.

    In my short time here I've noticed a real difference. all it takes is WILLPOWER and a determination to lead a cleaner more healthier way of life.
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    Hi Paul. I endorse the comments of @britaxe. After the 90 days (or longer), you can choose to masturbate sometimes if you wish. But no porn, OK?

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