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    Hello, I am new here. Have been free from masturbation since January 10th. Despite being free from porn for longer time, have had still problems with qiving up masturbation (2-4 times per month recently I maturbate).
  2. Very good. Welcome to NoFap!
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    I do the same thing. It really depends on your goals. For me P is the problem, not M, although you need to make sure M is not involved with P or fantasizing. My goal was to get rid of DE, which is gone, so it's that simple. If you have the same goal, then there is no need to get rid of healthy M, but if you are trying to stop M for religious or other reasons, then your goals would be different. Here is an interesting post from the creator of NoFap: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.p...cessive-masturbation-can-be-a-relapse.175311/
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