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  1. shygirl

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    hi, im new here.

    Im a shy girl, maybe that's why i ended up doing PMO for so long.
    Sorry i don't know what else to share, i feel shame.

    I want to try stop doing this.

    (The girl at my profile photo isn't me, but i like to show my face in public as she do)
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  2. Max Fisher

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    Welcome. Shame is over. You took a brave first step. It was hard and it will get harder but you will find strength you didnt know you had. I wish you all the best on your journey. Read, learn, engage. Freedom awaits...
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  3. shygirl

    shygirl Fapstronaut

    Thank you Max
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  4. Myfortress

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    Bringing our pmo into the light crushes shame and robs it of the power to keep us trapped. Take advantage of the resources here. Learn from people who are winning. I will pray for your victory.
  5. That happened with a lot of us here. All of us had our weaknesses and so PMO provided an escape route. But it never solved our underlying issues.

    It's great that you accept yourself as shy for you can now start taking solid actions with the help of this community to get over your flaws and become a woman you admire and respect.

    Never worry about that. There are so many of us here with a quite dark past. I was one of them too.

    Rather, the more specific you can get here, the better advises people can offer you in here.

    I wish you all the best. Great that you have expressed your problem. It's truly the first step to making solid changes.

    You can check women in reboot section and get to know some other female members too. Great if you can start with your journal too for it would allow you to stay accountable to the site. Stay active here. Wish you all the best :)
  6. shygirl

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  7. bobross

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    Never shame, don't hate yourself, it's only makIng things worse. You're here, so that's a first step. We're not a perfect community, nor do we have the 'secret finger snap to make it all go away', but you'll find lots of advice and experiences to learn from. Don't give up, no matter what, and you'll change your life :)

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