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    As the title says, hello, I was prompted by the introduction message to say that. With regards to the matter at hand, I began my current PMO abstinence streak about 4 days ago, I have had previous attempts but the furthest I got was only a week. This time I elected to join this forum in hopes that having a support network will help my attempts to prove more fruitful. Regarding myself, I'll remain vague of course but I am a posh 21-year-old Englishman suffering from self-imposed exile from society as I hide inside watching porn. It doesn't help that my job is alone and at night-time, leaving me a strange lonely hermit.

    I don't exactly have any goals in terms of reaching 90 days or a month or whatever else, I just hope to quit for good. I'll be thrilled if I reach a month and that's my current goal, but I will be continuing on indefinitely, I have a deal with myself that if I'm pleased with my progress a year from now I'll buy myself a ticket to go off to the States to see the Grand Canyon, but that's a while down the line. Anyway I've said hello and thus carried out my end of the welcome message I got, see you around.
  2. Welcome to the community.
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  3. It's an excellent idea to dive in and start encouraging other people on their journey. I think you will find it will help you more than anything! Welcome, and don't give up! You can also start a reboot log: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php#reboot-logs.8
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