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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by I’m so groovy, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. I’m so groovy

    I’m so groovy Fapstronaut

    Ever since I overcame pied the urges to masturbate has been alottttt more the only exciting thing about it is, it isn’t to get off to porn but just to get off In general. Does anyone have any advice for this? do i just do it as long as it isn’t to Porn?
  2. WarriorofLight

    WarriorofLight Fapstronaut

    I had urges just yesterday that it would have taken about 3 seconds to get it over with. But i didnt.

    I guess its not about whether or not its to porn now, but moreso at least for me if I do that alone i lose energy, im tired, i feel weak, ots just overall not worth it.
    If youre with someone thats different in a way, exchange of energy and connecting those actions to real life and people.

    But I would say its not worth it for a few seconds of pleasure, i like to feel strong, motivated and energetic, which is just harder for me personally when I M.
  3. TB4

    TB4 Fapstronaut

    Nofap isn't just about stopping porn, its to be the best version of yourself, if you M then you're wasting all your energy, all your sexual power for a few seconds of pleasure which you're gonna regret anyway, idk how it works if you have a partner but M is definately not worth it
  4. I’m so groovy

    I’m so groovy Fapstronaut

    This is so tru i told myself d same, if anything I’d keep doing it at long stretches to the best of my ability say 2wks to 3wks just so I can keep that energy and vibe, even down to working out if I was on a roll for say 2-4 days working out a lot if I fapped on the 5th day I’d end up taking that wholee day off for nothing so I feel u
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  5. Envoy-ofthe-End

    Envoy-ofthe-End Fapstronaut

    Do activities that you can inject that energy into and you'll feel tired and not want to fap.

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