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    I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice on addiction/obsession with femdom/findom.

    I started watching regular porn at a quite a young age, however as the years went on i started to be drawn to femdom porn. This lead to me signing up to various websites where i could speak to and cam with dommes. I found that a majority of these dommes also engaged in findom and demanded money for chats or skype sessions. I started handing over money, sometimes £20, sometimes £100, some nights i would message 20 different dommes and give them all money. After a while i was engaging in this very frequently and before i knew i had no savings, i resorted to taking out loans which i now take out every month. I end up staying up all night looking on the internet for new dommes/mistresseseven though i have to get up early for work the next morning. I also frequently use cam sites and sometimes pay around £50 for 10 minutes with dominatrixs.

    One evening i was looking through femdom porn and came across a video involving a transexual, since then i have been looking for findom transexuals and i watch them on cam. This has also lead me to the desire to wear panties andlipstick and be pegged.

    On top of this i am in a relationship and have been for 2 years, however we have never had sex because vanilla sex is not a turn on for me and i can't get an erection. My girlfriend knows all about it however it puts a strain on our relationship.

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