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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Joserm99, Nov 3, 2022.

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    hello brothers, let's see what is the best for me at this moment, I am hitting rock bottom right now, I am 23 years old, I need to change my habits a lot and in that I am totally mentalized, it will not be easy but I am going to do it, but there is one thing that I It's all over my head, I haven't left the house for about 2 months and I've started to notice harmful mental changes, and I don't know what to do, I'm not studying and I don't have a job right now, while I get some work done I need to do something I can't be in my home all the time and my parents get very angry with me and I understand it but I've been paralyzed these last few months, I've thought about going to the gym early in the morning, and then I'll go to the mountains for a walk or something, but then I come back to myself home to eat and spend the whole afternoon there again, do I go out? Or will it be too much to be on the street all day? just going home to eat and shower, I don't know, I just know that I'm going through hell and I want to get out now and I don't want to waste any more time I don't know what to do while I get a job or something, this situation is unbearable for me
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    learn to cook, paint, make music, or anything really that you can do at home. go to gym and take walks. meditate
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    Buddy, get a pet, a dog, or a cat. Give from your mouth to feed your pet if you must. You need love and acceptance and someone to be there with you, a pet will do that for you. Get a job earn money, work on weekends. Do your best to take care of yourself and become independent!

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