Help, craving hookup but getting better

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by theforce, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. theforce

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    Hi everyone! To sum up question is I am doing really well no longer craving Internet chat rooms, no poem , no phone fun etc.

    I am still trying to transform not craving hookups or what do when sexual urges arise or need to masturbate.

    My more detailed response between my so is below.


    I know things are/ will get better, this is OUR time.

    The last 2 days I noticed that while I am no longer craving phone or any online stimulation, sometimes I do notice urge for hookup which can feel overwhelming at times.

    I notice I haven't as deeply prayed/ connected with self/ God/Angels, whatever that is prayer very helpful even if I font fully understand it.

    I am connecting now though wish to work on this transform it, I feel like it"s my next step though maybe just continue focus God/prayers energy music etc.

    Today's wrote my Commitment on cue card however first day that I didn't carry with me and noticed big difference so will get back to it tomorrow.

    Maybe it's loneliness but again I know we both want to feel good and ask better question of how make things great.
    "I channel my energy easily, I only engage in love or not at all.

    I would like more energy, music , dance ,Angels, exercise, meditation. Thank you for making life better for myself and others.
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  2. irishaddict

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    Have similar urges myself, find in coping ok without the porn but think my loneliness/depression etc is triggering my desire to hook up like I used to. The only advice I can give is stay strong, we need to be confident and comfortable with ourselves rather than using hook ups to meet our needs, be they physical or emotional, otherwise we won’t be able to break the cycle.
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  3. theforce

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    thank you very much! How are you staying strong?
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  4. irishaddict

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    For me staying strong is keeping away from all porn etc as I know I'll do what I have done in the past and convince myself that a little cant hurt, then it escalates. So denying myself any opportunity for that to happen has worked. My personal situation has probably helped to motivate me as well, but everyone is different, also coming here and reading other peoples journals and posts helps to remind me to stay strong, that we're not the only ones in this situation and we're all working hard to make better lives for ourselves.
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    My Journal
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    I can agree that reading other peoples posts and journals is definitely a tool that keeps me on the right path and away from relapse. The moment I pull away from this community is when things take a turn for the worst. Staying connected, taking suggestions, reading others posts, and updating my reboot journal numerous times a day are all ways I can stay focused and not act out.
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