Help! I am addicted to my fetish

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  1. I am a 16 yrs old guy. I have a weird particular fetish about wedgies. I picked it when I hit puberty but now I am addicted to it. I watch videos/images related to it and keep doing self wedgies. The urges are so intense that I stop thinking for a while and I do it, then I ejaculate and then I feel very guilty and depressed. I really want to get rid of it. Please help and don't ignore as I have nobody to share.
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  2. hollyman

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    u already knew the answer, the answer are u must doing hard mode PMO and stay away from that kinda thing...or maybe go see the doctor

    imo Porn is not normal, heck wedgies is not normal too, i mean that bullying in real life isnt it??
    do you think that normal people doing self wedgies ? nope ofc

    the question is, can you take that fact? or just ignore it ?

    porn can lead us to endless pit of pain, wreck our life...even in this forum there are some shit story of what porn can make us into

    your choice now
  3. Shadow_Monk

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    You should definitely avoid porn-ifying your fetish. That is to say, don't go seeking videos/images of it and using them to edge/masturbate to. That is conditioning your brain to seek out more of it, and eventually will lead to escalation to even more extreme porn. At 16, I don't think I was wise enough to know the difference between being conditioned to odd/unusual/weird/extreme porn and having a kink. I think there are a lot of guys my age (45), that STILL don't know the difference. So, maybe you have a fetish, maybe you just stumbled into a particular genre of porn.

    That being said, IF you have a fetish, is what it is. A true fetish can't really be willed away. One person's weird is another person's vanilla. I know people that love to be diapered and breast-fed. Not my cup of tea, but they enjoy it, they do it with safe people, and they otherwise lead normal, healthy lives, so no harm done. I tell them to let their freak flag fly.
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  4. 1AddictInRecovery

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    Hello friend. You are not alone. I´ll be with you until you research your goal. You must understand the adiction is not the problem. The problem is you don´t have a different choice, a healthier emotion that excites you. You must to seek and fill this time with that new chocie. And you have to learn to say NO. Step by step, you just must say, today no. Perhaps tomorrow, but not today.
    Don´t Worry. It is not easy, but it is worth it
  5. fedmom

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    A lot of fetishes can be porn induced and any fetish is curable to the point you can "become" vanilla. I wish I knew what I know now when I was 16.
  6. I can't ignore it. I want to lead a normal life. I know it's hell weird and I hate it. But, what should I do of those urges. I mean, if I was aware i could have never done such stupid things but it's like I stop thinking when the urge comes and just give up. I have tried blocking all those sites and changing my underwears from briefs to shorts. I do cold showers and meditation also. But can you suggest some concrete steps to take when the urges come.
  7. Thank you very much for your support. I don't knw how exactly to do what you said. My highest streak of restraint was 10 days. Though I occasionally engaged into my fetish but I did not piss for 10 days but then I could not control furthur because my brain was saying just once, it's okay etc. I am still trying and hoping to lead a normal life.
  8. 1AddictInRecovery

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    Hello friend. I can suggest some concrecte steps. They´ve worked with me.
    The brain does not distinguish between good and bad habits. The key is to replace that "bad" habit with a new one.

    This is the circle habits addiction. Can you see it? I have upload a image.

    You must recognize when the impulse comes to your mind and replace it quickly.
    Try it every day, step by step, i´ll be with you until you achive your goal.

    You need a strategy to do it. You must place a counter in a visible place or in your smartphone on how many times you achive replace it. A bracalet on your wrist to remember you goal every moment.

    Tell me every day how you are doing

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  9. I agree to what you said but my problem is a bit complicated. Even if I don't watch porn but just do it I ejaculate because it's not just a fetish but a kinda anal masturbation(I am straight btw). What should I do? Plz reply
  10. Shadow_Monk

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    If you don't like the fetish/habit/etc, then you shouldn't be doing things that cause you to ejaculate/orgasm. Doing that is probably slowly retraining your brain to associate the two, and if it feels good, your brain is going to want to do it over and over. In our 40+ age group threads, there are a lot of guys who developed porn-induced habits that they have been struggling for years to break. You have a chance to break the cycle before it really starts if that's what you want to do.
  11. hollyman

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    NoFap Timeline Claims (no mine)

    • First 1-4 days: No more feelings of shame.
    • Day 5: You’re amazed at how much cleaner you are. No more wet wipes.
    • Day 7: Brain fog is a distant memory (sorry for the pun)
    • Day 14: Prolactin levels start to decrease. Your body is going to start activating your old androgen receptors.
    • Day 15-20: The NoFap flatline might kick-in.
    • Day 21: You have a lot more free time available. Boredom kicks in.
    • Day 25: The blue balls period is officially over.
    • Day 30: Craving and urges are starting to reduce.
    • Day 40: Girls are going to start noticing you more often. You’ll keep better eye contact.
    • Day 60: PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) is going to become less of a problem. Complete elimination of the symptoms is going to take at least 90 days, with some heavy fappers needing 6-12 months. Stay strong.
    • Day 80: Social anxiety is going to be severely decreased. You’ll be able to have conversations with strangers, and you won’t find going out as tiring as before.
    • Day 90: Most internet users consider this milestone a complete reboot. This doesn’t mean you stop doing NoFap. The first 90 days are just a “cleanse.” By cleaning your mind and body, you’ve hopefully grown an appreciation for NoFap and would continue doing it for the rest of your life.
    • Day 100 – You’ll start eliminating other drugs, like alcohol. Carbonated mineral water is going to become your new friend.
    • Month 3: Your memory is going to be much better. You’ll want to exercise or even start weightlifting.
    • Month 4: Porn is going to look disgusting. In a deep, perverse way.
    • Month 6: If you had any weird fetishes, the cravings and symptoms are going to start to be going away. You’ll find enjoyment in more ordinary sexual situations.
    • Month 9-12: You’ll have rock-hard erections like never before in your life. Warn your mate. Sex is going to feel amazing. You’ll always outlast your partner.
    • Year 2: You’ll never look back at your former life.
    With personal experience if you start doing some of these things early (like cutting out video games or mindless activity’s or dietary triggers) you can actually reap the benefits sooner. Also with the visualization techniques and praying to God for help.
    Also, the brain fog goes away quicker with removing stimulants and sugar(it’s a drug).
  12. hollyman

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    it depend, if maybe you could tell me the detail of when or how it hapen's, because i dont have similiar fetish so i cant understand the situation

    if i read your statement that you watch these kinda video. my sugestion are dont fight it, but avoid it...ur not strong enough yet to fight so for now avoid it...

    think about it, think about when u usually watch this kinda video ?? after school ?? maybe 8 in the night? if u can find that "me time" then u must breaking the habit. instead going to your bedroom. go to your living room pick some book's and start reading that way u don't have to fight the urge's but you avoid it.... the activities is depend on your choice... i mean it can be reading, it can be going to the gym etc

    here i quote some Nofap timelie, i hope it motivated you
  13. Where did you get these, please?
    You've already been given some good answers. It's a shame that people as young as you have access to that sort of shit, because your young brain is terribly vulnerable to it.

    @hollyman mentioned no more shame. He is correct. Don't feel shame, because it's not your fault. But just because it's not your fault doesn't mean that you can't take responsibility — you must take responsibility, because no one else will!
    1. Start NoFap. Delete your entire porn stash. If you can, get your phone provider to block all adult sites.
    2. Continue NoFap. Post on these forums as often as you need for moral support. Maybe find an accountability partner.
    3. Get therapy. Meditation is an excellent start. As a 16-year-old, you obviously depend on your parent(s), so I don't know if they will let you have therapy. Find what you can on YouTube, because it's free and there's plenty of help there. YouTube isn't as good as face-to-face with a professional, but it's better than nothing.
    Good luck!
  14. Actually it can happen anytime. But mostly when I have easy access to do it and I have privacy. Like, it may happen while changing clothes and bathing. Or, when I am alone and bored. Sometimes when I see something on internet or anywhere like underwear or round butt or anything which creates a thought of wedgie etc. I get triggered.
    When the urge comes i feel like shit and my brain is telling just one pull. Then I forget everything and do it. It's terrible when you don't wanna do something but still you do it.
  15. I love the way you all guys understood me without judging me for my weird fetish. Thank you so much and please keep supporting me. I will post my progress regularly.
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  16. Hey, If we were to judge everyone for something weird that they do, we'd have to judge the entire human race!

    This is a safe place for all of us.
  17. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    i got it from my chief @Wolfyoufeed on "The Mandalorian Challenge" on Nofap event section, u can join too if u want hehe ...

    but i see some similiar post on "rewire" instagram post... its not a big different, btw "rewire" is an android app that similiar to this nofap,, it has motivational quote, day countdown etc i used it as my personal day countdown tho

    this is normal, i mean on every relapse this felling and action always happen,

    u already mention :

    - while changging clothing or bath = Finish your bath as efective as you can, no more day dreaming on the toilet, do what u must and finish the bath..and idk if this normal in your country but mostly i used like trunks underware not the triangle one (idk what its name ), if u feel the triangle one is tempting, why not trying to use the square one???

    - when alone and bored = this is the main situation when i think almost 80% failure happen, u must figure it out how to deal with this... u must find new positive hobby, mine is gym and digital drawing, whenever i feel bored i go to the gym or practice digital drawing (im not good at drawing tho it just for fun)

    - when have internet acces = limit your internet acces, or install and Anti porn application

    - when u ogling at someting that can triger = i dont have any tips on this, since im cant figure it out yet on how to do it

    i believe most member's have some weird fetish too, not similar to you but we have that issue too

    hope it helped
  18. Thanks. I had not heard of that TV show!
  19. 1AddictInRecovery

    1AddictInRecovery Fapstronaut

    I haven't lasted so long, but I've felt in my body all that you describe. From my experience, it´s real! Thanks hollyman for remember me what I can achive if I reach that goal!
  20. The one thing I have understood so far is that my fetish is definitely not a natural fetish. It's a porn induced fetish. If I were not exposed to porn, I would have not even known what this stupid thing is. I would not have been doing such disgusting things. I should not be here, I should be somewhere persuing my dreams and passions, but I am here just because of porn. Now it has hijacked my mind. I think it is a curse which today's world of information technology has given us which is ruining lives of young people like me.

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