Help! I must be reborn! MONK MODE + Music/Videos

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Music during Monk Mode?!

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  2. Music is ok don't worry.

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  1. (Sorry for my English if i make any mistakes, not my first language)

    Hello Everyone, i'm new here, first day! Actually i know the forums and about nofap for about a year, but just now i'm writing here. I gotta say that to know about the nofap and the brain on porn has changed my mind about everything and it gave me light and hope at the end of the tunnel, but it didn't change my life just YET! I've been struggling with porn since i was like... 12 maybe? I don't know, i'm 25 now. You know, libido, homo toughts (altough i know i wanna have a woman in my life), and frustrate sex with some girls. Excessive fantasy. I've been failing for about a year, relapsing a lot. The most i could do was about 20 days. But it came to a point, today, october 17, that i decided that its ENOUGH! I wanna change, i wan't a good life, a good sex life, a healthy life and to find myself spiritually, be strong mentally and emotionally, and somehow overcome my ADHD problem. (I don't take medicines of any kind, they don't make me feel better.) And to have of course a good woman in my life, for all that to happen i must focus on nofap. Better saying, i'm so screwed by porn, that i have to do the monk mode. But my question is... what are the rules? Do i make them? I won't use social media, nor watch movies... but can i listen to music? The problem that i have with music, is that i daydream a lot while listening. I keep in this secret world of myself trying to avoid the real world sometimes. The music i like is: Rock n roll, Heavy Metal, Thrash and Death Metal. I also like 90's rap music, but i don't listen to that a lot. I also like Blues, some celtic music and music to meditate. I got so used to music, that if i'm on the bus, i feel the urge to listen to it, i can't stand listening to other people that i dont know talking, or the sound of the streets etc... Lately, i've been listen a lot of Death Metal, like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Obituary the heaviest sh*t you can imagine lol. I love it since i was a kid, always a metalhead. Sometimes i listen to movie, games e anime soundtracks and they keep me daydreaming. It's like a drug. I wanna keep away from social medias, i'm only gonna use the internet for this forum and for college stuff. Gonna go to the gym, gonna eat healthy food only, gonna try to meditate at least 15 minutes a day, i'm gonna try to read books and to not touch video games and movies. No porn, No sex, No sex conversations, No masturbation. No drugs, no Alcohol, no smoking. So my question is... What are the rules of monk mode exaclty?!

    1 - Can i watch anime? (No hentai, or anime like berserk that has sexual scenes, only stuff like dbz, naruto and bleach)

    2 - Can i read manga? There is this manga called Vagabond, its based on the life of Myiamoto Musashi, so it's not a manga with super power and silly stuff. there is gore and sex scenes, no genitals but naked woman and people making love. But hey it's manga.. can i still see it? A drawing of people making love, only tits and beautiful woman. The reason i wanted to read this manga, is that it's soo good and helped me with the story once, its about self improvement and reaching your best. perfect for the moment, but the only problem is this pages, but they don't see that bad? what do you guys think? If not this one, can it be a manga with no sexual stuff?

    3 - Can i watch documentaries? what kind of video can i actually watch? or during monk mode should i avoid documentaries aswell?

    4 - Can i listen to music? if yes, does genre mean anything? What kind of music should i avoid? can i just listen something soft while reading? Can i still listen to my heavy metal bands or nah? For example, i run on the treadmill every day at the gym for 20 minutes, i do that split thing, i find it extremelly boring to run without music, specially if its hard, if i listen to some music like, some movie or anime soundtrack like this or something like linkin park, it helps me not only to not get bored, but to go through it with full force, but i can't pay attention to the present, i keep daydreaming. And some music gets me emotional. So what do i do? Should i only listen during treadmill and soft stuff like mozart to read and meditation songs to meditate? Should i stop listen to music i like in the streets and on the bus?

    5 - Fantasizing, during monk mode, can't i do it? Sometimes, it just comes in my mind, it can take 5 seconds, i can't avoid it, sometimes it's just impossible to avoid, or sometimes i can't even take notice i'm fantasizing about sex and i get a boner, is that a relapse? But... But i couldn't controll it. it just came in my mind and it was fast... how should i proceed? Its not a relapse right? When fantasizing is considered relapse?

    Anyway, if you read all this and are still here, THANKS YOU SO MUCH! Sorry so many questions, but i need help. Currently, i'm broke mentally, emotionally and phisicaly. I want to achieve the best version of myself. Can you help me in the first steps to success? Anyway glad to be here, i already feel at home. :)
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  2. Welcome @InvencibleUnderTheSun

    I would say there are no rules, you make your own rules. If you think something doesn't help with your reboot don't do it. Personally, I would say there's nothing wrong with music or documentaries. Actually, sometimes it can help with recovery. I don't like anime or manga that much so my feeling about is neutral. I do find fantasising can lead to a relapse if I'm not careful but that's just me. Like I said there are no rules, do what you feel is right.
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  3. Thanks for the reply friend, i believe i'm still gonna listen to music but not all the time, since i feel addicted to it, no sad songs. Documentaries i will watch it but no movies. Anime and manga i think i will still gonna try it, specially that ''vagabond'' one that has some ''love scenes''. I can't just leave in a cave with no entertainment right?! ;)
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