Help i will mastrubate

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Loko24, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Loko24

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    hello i want to know if it would be stupid if i masturbate today without porn?

    i want to cure my PIED. and I think it's gotten a little better.

    have been without masturbation for over 80 days. Unfortunately, I consumed porn 2 or 3 times during that time.

    so would mastrubating my healing greatly?

    Thank you
  2. thinking_differently

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    You’ll find each kind of people here, furiously supporting their sides.

    But I would say,
    MO could spiral back into PMO.
    Also, If you lead a comfortable life with MO, be it! But that’s not the case usually(if not always!)

    Good job on the 80 days!
    Be aware.
  3. AddBis

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    Maybe I am too late but I see MO as a thousand times better than PMO or even P alone. But you should think about that desire of yours. What is motivating it? I bet you are able to distract your mind with a more natural activity (a hobby) and to relieve that urge.
  4. JoeinMD

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    No, MO alone won't help ED but will make it worse - you are still wiring your brain to the handgrip feel; you are still fantasizing to some extent in your thoughts, which is your mind's P (imagination) involved, even without actual P; and your dopamine is spiking from the self-abuse, not real sex. Hence, MO is probably the substantial part of the problem as you use erotic thoughts to complete MO in the first place.
  5. Stop looking for an approval. Challenge yourself and keep working.
    Don't PMO. Don't be an idiot. Just take your reboot seriously.
    No P.
    No M.
    No O.
    That's the only recipe for success.

    You will never be free if you allow yourself to think that you can watch porn or masturbate ever again in your life. Believe me, you can live without it and it's MUCH better. Just be patient and don't let your dick control you.

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