Help I've fallen and I can't get up.

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  1. So I've started looking at porn again and I can't stop. I did really well when I had a monitoring app on my phone. My wife was recieving my reports. Now the ball is gone and I have fallen back into viewing p and I tell myself that I will stop and I barely make it 3 days before viewing it again. What should I do. Do I admit to my wife that I'm struggling again. Should I tell her that I need an app? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Of course you should be honest to your wife and and yourself. She helped you once and she will happily will again (Even if she acts frustrated or have a fight i cant know) . In my opinion never let your guard down, i dont mean live with constant anxiety but always be careful and recognize how you feel at the moment. Love isnt about rainbows and happy moments but constant support and bond between people
  3. Thank you. Ugh I don't want to have that conversation..
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    Ok, you can talk to her, and I think it is a good choice. But I don't know you, I can't tell if it will be better for you to have this conversation with her directly, or to talk about this with someone else and be sure if this is a big deal that you can't solve by yourself.
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    I'm not married but I think if you get married with a someone means that you love eachother and you will help each other. Tell her what you are going through and I'm sure she will help you a lot! Good luck :)
  6. First you need to forgive yourself and know that its possible to break the PMO cicle. After this, fullfill your life with good* stuff to forget this PMO shit. YES, THIS THING IS THE BIG SHIT EVER MADE BY HUMANITY.

    Last thing: she is your wife man, i think you two need to trust each other reciprocally, this only will make good to you and her. I mean, you are human and so is she, perfection and humanity does not match, just forgive yourself and get up, okay? I hope you find peace in your heart.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I still haven't told her and have still been struggling. Any tips on how to initiate this conversation?

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