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    I'm a light sleeper, who trains late at night. Training finishes at like 8:30pm, but then I have to walk home, shower, then have dinner, and try to relax before sleep.
    There's a family next door to me, and my bedroom is on the ground floor next to their living room. They can make light noise (raised voices) till 1am some nights, and wake me up at 7:30am cos the mum has to get her kids ready for school.
    I tried banging on the wall before, but the mum knocked on my door and was quite confrontational and agressive, and I'm a bit scared to tell them, cos they might react (be in mind there's a lot of guys living there, and they're all really big). It's been going on a while now, and I'm gonna try listening to some music through headphones if they make noise at night (walls are paper thin, so not 100% their fault).

    Is it fair of me to tell the mum not to make noise in the morning, as she needs to get her kids ready for school?

    Any tips for dealing with a lack of sleep?
    I'm gonna nap meditate for 10-20 mins a day to try and catch up.
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    This must be super annoying. You could use earplugs. There are potential difficulties with long-term use like was build up inside the ear and even tinnitus. When I googled it one of the answers gave the following list. Some seem crazy though! :p

    Best Ways to Block Out Noise and Fall Asleep Without Earplugs

    1. Try Some Earplug Alternatives.
    2. Use White Noise.
    3. Play Music or a Podcast.
    4. Use Soundproof Curtains as Bed Canopy.
    5. Encircle Your Bed with Soundproof Room Divider Curtains.
    6. Cover the Door and the Windows.
    7. Put Soundproof Blankets on the Walls.
    8. Alternative Solutions.
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    I feel for you - I've had noisy neighbours like that several times, and always ended up moving. Most people who make noise late at night seem to have zero understanding of the harm they cause to their neighbours - I learned from experience that if you've tried once to reason with them, and they're not receptive, then they just seem to get mega defensive if you bring it up again, and it builds to a conflict that makes things even more tense and agro.

    Believe it or not, I've found that long periods of no PMO have vastly improved my sleep. Not sure how it would help cope with noise that is that persistent, but I have found that it helps me to be calmer, and get back to sleep if I've been woken by noise - but it has varied for me in terms of how well it has worked. So all the more reason to quit PMO!

    I've also found that white noise works up to a point. Where I live now there isn't noise through walls, but there is traffic noise, and I've used fans to help, and it made a surprising difference - check out this link for more ideas on this:

    Hope this helps.
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    There's a few options available, you dont have to and shouldn't have to put up with inconsiderate people. So you obviously live in an apartment block, well you need to contact the landlord or board associated with that building. Find out who they are through your caretaker but first make the complaint to him as it's his job to fix that sort of thing. If he doesn't or doesn't want to, threaten to make a complaint about him. Once your neighbors have an authority figure knocking on their door they should clean up their act especially if it's difficult finding accommodation where you live. In theory anyway. There's also legal steps you can take but it's expensive, time consuming.

    Sometimes people need to be treated like children in order to get the message. You have to have a firm hand, especially in this day and age, otherwise people will walk all over you.
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    There is, of course, the fact that you started by banging on the wall. It's possible that you're the one that put stuff on the wrong foot. Not to admonish you, believe me, I've been there, made those mistakes myself more than once. (in fact, once I spent all night banging on the ceiling to hear in the morning that my roommate had to deal with the upstairs neighbors banging on the floor to stop him from making noise with a musical keyboard he was playing with headphones on... spoiler alert - that was him, not the neighbors, and me, not the neighbors - I wonder what the neighbors thought?)

    But now that that's past, the first thing you should do is try to have a conversation at a time when the problem is not happening. You could go as far as treating the family to a pizza night in their own apartment so you can get some empathy, and vice versa, not to mention just establishing friendly neighborliness. Maybe even start this conversation, whether you go that extra mile or not, with an apology, even if you think they don't deserve one. That way, if they are truly unreasonable you are on higher moral ground when going on to steps set out by Max666 - which I agree with, but only after having a conversation outside of the stress of the actual noise happening simultaneously.
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    I use earplug every morning because my neighbor’s dog despite being small bark really loudly. I feel for you, we should all be able to sleep quietly.
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    Get a gun. No matter how big you are, gun always wins.
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