HELP ME - 100 DAY Report (10 years of PMO - 25 y old)

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    Hi everyone,

    I want to share MY STORY and my 100 DAYS of NoFap.

    I am 25 and I started PMO when I was 14 y old and never stopped a day....on an average of 2-5 at 10 years of PMO that have marked my life forever....

    I started this 100 day CHALLENGE in Christmas Day after a relapse of 3 days, at first I just wanted to see if i can hold on for a week...but then, starting seeing physical benefits and discovering NoFap Theory and Forums, I have began to be more motivated and trying to go for a 30days streak and then definitely for a 100days streak.

    - WHY?
    My sexual life has been difficult from my first petting with a girl when I was 16 from my sex performance with the only one girlfriend that i had....really a shit......
    I had suffered of PIED and DEATHGRIP from the first time that a girl touched my penis till the day before i started the first streak....that i was with a chinese escort and my dick was hard only with my fast hand gripping on but when she bj me or penetrate i had lost the erection......So i decide to find a solution and Nofap is my only hope..

    - MY STORY
    I started PMO when i was 14 with an ancient mobile phone stealing the wi-fi connection of my neighbour, so it was very low-speed porn..... i used to fap to low-quality pics because videos could not be played for the very weak connection that i had.....The first time that i cum was with PMO, and then, for some weeks i continue to do it rarely but moving forward it started to be a a daily routine, a fixed appointment after school, and i think that after few months i reached already a regime of 3-4 a day.
    Then, at 15, my parents bought a PC and I started secretely to watch porn videos.....I remember that I had passed many sundays to binge it, like the entire day with PMO because it was the only day they werent home....My favourite categories were Milf and Big Tits...a lot of soft porn and hentai...

    At high school, in the first parties that i had been to, i remember being hard as a rock just kissing a girl or just dancing with her. But, the first hj that i received, at 16, i can finish only with my hand after 30 min...and at 17, the first bj that i received from a very sexy girl with a lot of experience and in a romantic place, i remember that was so difficult to finish too....But at that time ,I had usually solid erections during the school, at morning, in every place and in a natural way....
    At 18, i had the chance to penetrate a girl, it was in a car at night but my wasn t so hard and when i put the condom it softened even more....
    I have never had a girlfriend in those years.

    Then the University, my parents bought me a personal laptop and I started to spent at least one hour a day on porn, PMO from 2 to 5 a days (sometimes even more), and starting to discover new ways of excitement with PMO like Porn Forums and Cuckold Pages. I start developing the Mania of Collectionism that was another point for which i decide to give up...At the beginning, I was collecting Big Tits Model Pics really randomly....

    In the first two years of University, I was a disaster with girls compared to high school, I was uglier because I got fat, i had acne, I used to smoke marijuana and don t care about clothes and my when I was 19 and 20 I had few experiences and really awful: I got PIED once or twice in one-night-stand performances and with another one I had an erection but I cannot penetrate because i lost the erection.

    Then, at 21, I had my first girlfriend...she was older than me and very experienced....of course the first time in a bed with her I got completely PIED. She talked me about the death grip problem and to give up fapping with porn.... Before then, I have attributed this problem always to anxiety but she was the first one to talk me about this....I wasn't listening her too much but I accept her advises to fap less frequently and not orgasm the days before our nights together. I remember to had the first penetration with her and was amazing the fact that i can finally please a woman and stay hard as a wood inside her, but during the intercourse I didn't feel great pleasure, i didn t feel the gripping and it was impossible to finish...only after... with my fast hand. However, after some time, spending much more time with her like some entire weekends sleeping together...I remember that i have reached the orgasm i think twice in cowboy position.....and definitely it was so romantic finished the act. In any case, in other sexual positions it was impossible to reach the orgasm and i had always to finish with my hand...

    Apart from those glory days that i was focusing only on this girl, in my normal universitary days I always PMO a lot and farther I seriously started to COLLECTING Porn Material. At the beginning only Big Tits Models Pics, like i was addicted to those type of female bodiesss. So, the hours spent on Porn were greatly increased because I was also occupy to search for the downloads etc.etc and also to write on Porn forums to exchange material.

    My relationship with this woman ends in a year and from 22 to 25 (now) my addiction to masturbation and porn has increased a lot. I started to enlarge the objects of my collection: fb pics, amateur cuckold videos, model shootings and much more...(but never bad fetishes like others PMO addicted) favourite was always Busty Models and I had dozens of gigabytes of such material...

    Apart from the collection of porn material, i was addicted to the masturbation itself. In the last two or three years, I have fapped in public bathrooms because I was all the day out from home. And in the last year, masturbation was the first thing that i did when I arrived to the bedroom and taking off the pants...and sometimes the first thing that I did when I was in a bathroom to pee....sometimes also the first thing that I did when wake up in the 4-5 a day was a normal routine last year, also I did 2 in a row many times with no pause.

    About real sexual experiences in these years.....In a period I was continously searching for cuckold experiences in bad places (naturism beaches and carsex places) and searching for that daily in dedicated sites....Then, I had also two encounters with a couple and they were two failures that I want really to forget. Later, for a year, i was dating with a 17y old girl which was at the first experiences...I was really hard when she hj bj me, she was good too, but when she asked me to finally doing sex, two times out of two I lost the erection before the intercourse or when I tried to penetrate...she was virgin and I felt awful in those times...Also in this year of dating I have always asked her a lot of pervert things...and in general, with girls that i meet in these years I have always behave as a pervert....After that, a completely PIED in one-night-stand and a lost erection during intercourse in another one. And in the covid-year I have increased even more the amount of collectionism and pervert thoughts....

    Then, the chinese escort the day before the beginning of the nofap journey that I have mentioned early...These are my 25 years sexually speaking that have been wasted due to PMO....

    The day after the escort, I begin to do Nofap seriously..

    -100 DAYS REPORT

    0-7 DAY: First two days of extreme desire of fapping with porn material, and then, from day 3 to 5 total FLATline (totally, no thoughts, anything). Then, day 6-7 the desire come back strongly and I could have a semi-erection just woke up, plus I had extremely desire of doing sports and movement and farther I had a wet dream too.

    8-11 DAY: Mental arousing, desire of touching are high. I could get a semi-erection without touching during the day only with thoughts. No movement in the morning, another wet dream and a lot of hunger.

    13-16 DAY: FLATline period really bad. I felt many times in these days tired, No mental arousing about anything, a lot of piss in bathroom. However, low or semi-erection in the morning just woke up.

    17-29 DAY: The desire come back and in day 20 I could have a 70% erection without touching for 1-2 minutes and they have been movements down there in general during this period but sincerely not every day. I have a lot of hunger eating 4-5 times a day. Some days the desire was low, some others really high. A lot of mental arousing with bad thoughts (cuckold etc.) and web arousing with IG some times. Some days also have a lot of cravings disturbing me for hours from study and work. In the mornings only low-erections or not even those.

    30-39 DAY: The desire has diminished a lot, feeling like in a flatline but I could not say that because many days I felt horny as the period before. In day 35 I had "smegma" spill. Always a lot of hunger. I can get a semi-erection without touching half of these days. Bad mental arousing always persisted and also a few of web arousing with social networks, that could disturb me even for a pair of hours.

    40-47 DAY: FLATline period again. Different from the 13-16 days that was heavier. I have a little bit of movement and excitement every day but is really few, only low-erections sometimes. This short period has been characterized from really stressful days (job interviews) that get me anxious. Bad mental arousing always present. However, I web-aroused (no nude) once with a model that I have really fapped on and my dick went in 30 seconds semi-erected.

    48-59 DAY: In each of these days I felt horny, some days I have low desire and for few time and some others really high desire and cravings of touch my dick for hours. In day 48 I had my dick erected from 50 to 80% for 20 minutes without any touching or web arousing. In day 55 I had my dick 100% erected for few minutes. In day 59 I had my dick erected for 30-40 minutes with a little bit of web arousing (no nudes), from 50 to 100% as power of erection. The high level of desire is accompanied from web arousing (limited to few minutes but sometimes also 10-20 min and focused a lot to erotic tales and Fb and Ig pics) and mental arousing of course. Mental arousing on bad and pervert things always high in some days. I remember to go to the dentist and being excited from the hands of the female hygienist, and staring to them. In the mornings WOODs appeared, not always, and most of the time are not just woke up but 5-20 min later or 30 min before.

    60-72 DAY: A LOT of Desire from day 60. I felt really on fire with a lot of cravings in these days. Like I really want to see P material, from soft you tube videos to few seconds porn, and many days the Collectionism Mania come back and really want to download pics and put in folders... In day 61 I have 20-30 minutes of strong erections without touching and in day 67 I have about 2 hours of continous erections (up and down but with a little bit of arousing). I have been walking in a big city in day 65 after two months of reclusion and I really look to every girl that pass next to me but not have any erection. The SENSITIVITY of the penis skin has totally changed, like I have a new penis, and touching it softly but repeatedly it grows and becomes hard. Half of these days were characterized by morning woods.

    73-79 DAYS: In day 73 I begin a new JOB (my first job) and can say a new Life because I moved in a big city and rent an apartment for live alone. The first working week I was really focused on the new job, colleagues etc.. and I had a lot of headaches when I come home because I was learning a lot of new things. So, somedays were really in an induced FLATline I think. I have only some movement down there but neither a semi-erection. Other days, I come home that I was really stressed and so I want to see some P material to get somewhat relaxed. I think that in one day I really touched the bottom with web arousing watching P videos (never done before) and come back to cuckold sites for few time. I have noticed from here that P materials (videos, IG, Fb) don't have much effect on me anymore. When I see a pixel Pic of a busty girl or something nude and explicit I really don't want to take the hands and FAP but only to stare a little bit. I think that is the result of more than seventy days without gripping the dick seeing Pixel. But, on the other hand, I stare intensely real women, out of control, very spostaneously. However, no morning woods in this first week and no erections when talking with women during work.

    80-90 DAYS: From about day 80 I start to think of date a girl with Tinder and others, so focus of having sex....So many times I come back to do Web arousing but as I said before, sexy pics didn t have craving effects as before the streak... I could watch for minutes a sexy bikini woman and stay calm not thinking about masturbation. Tinder and IG didn t give me an easy way to date girls, so I began to search for Escort but only for a plan B in the case of failure with normal dating. Sometimes I searched also in cuckold pages some announces but really few.. During the working day I could have a semi-erection spontaneously or with some bad thinking in the late morning or after lunch...However, morning woods were not powerful.

    90-100 DAYS: Starting to spent hours on tinder, IG, badoo for searching a girl.. I had bad eyes many times......Then, the escort option started to be on my mind a more affordable way to try my new dick form with a woman.....So in these last 10 days I web aroused many times......The desire increased a little bit...during the working day I could have 70-80% spontaneous erection and when bad arousing (mentally and with web sources) also 100% and more...Some nights I couldn t get asleep because I has strong mental arousing....Morning woods restarted more frequently....

    NOW, I am finishing to write this long poem (ahaha) and I am in my 100th DAY....This morning I wake up and immediately have a persistent semi-erection for 20 minutes and have for hours the positive feeling of movement down there.

    -QUESTIONS (please answer them I am really worried)
    After reading my story and this 100day streak report....I want to ask YOU sincerely.....AM I CURED? Or i have to wait more days and quit the bad thinking on datings and escorts?

    My PIED and DEATHGRIP problem could be overcomed?

    I think that mentally I am still unstable and I need to find a serious girlfriend for defeat the bad thinkings about sex, but physically my penis and my body are responding well and every day better. What do you THINK?

    The ESCORT option should be avoided or could help me to try the benefits effects of nofap?

    The fact to start a new job so to have the life turned upside down by a new rythm could be the cause of a third FLATLINE about day 70?

    Thank you all, you were my strength since the beginning and I am sure you will help me again and again
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    that's awesome... well done!!. I'm late but I can only say, keep it going... Now I think an Escort is not good choice unless you can afford it and don't hook up.

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