Help me beat my craving for traps and trangenders

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by DopamineDefeater, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. DopamineDefeater

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    Warning this post may be triggering if you suffer from this lust as well.

    I am currently in my 20s and I have been addicted to porn since I was 12 years old. For 1 year I was able to stop it but it came back hard and quite possibly worse than ever. I am not viewing porn every week like I did in my teens but the type of dopamine fix I crave is much different now.

    When I was young I was slightly into futanari but I wasnt really into the penis at all, I just liked seeing girls penetration girls with a penis. It was like that for years then at one point in my 20s, I began wanting to have sex with futas but still it was weird the penis didn't do much. Wasn't till 2 years ago where this kept escalating worse and worse.

    When looking at porn one day randomly early last year I discovered what frottage was and honestly to my stupid dick it is one of the hottest things ever.

    I got to the point where I am fully into penises and even turned on by transexual body structure that looks slightly less feminine. I've always been into Asian girls and honestly I would like to marry one someday, but because of my love for Asian women and culture I of course ended up learning about Thai ladyboys. I hate it, even the name gives me a boner.

    I get scared sometimes that someday if I look at ladyboy porn that it will ruin my regular attraction to real Asian women.

    I've grown up with mental issues so I haven't really understood the attraction of vaginas till literally this year. Sometimes I hear autism and other issues can cause weird sexual development. Like somehow I was attracted to anal sex with women at 16 but many years later I finally get vaginas?

    On a normal day I am mostly straight and don't think anything of penises but once the weird lust comes in I cannot get rid of it till I fap at and have 5 more orgasms throughout the day.

    Seriously I'm really good at killing my porn and masturbation adduction till this comes up, in fact sometimes I've caved into straight porn just to try and kid the stupid bisexual tendencies I have.

    I'm worried someday this will lead me to having sex with a transwoman someday, and I rather not have that happen.

    I really do not want these desires at all and I am so sick of them, even this post was triggering for me to type. I also do not want my love for Asian women poisoned by transwoman crap.

    FYI: I don't not hate trans people I just do not want to be sexually attracted to them. I am religious and even regardless of my faith I deep down like biological women more. This is merely an unhealthy addiction affecting my life.
  2. Sean Edie

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    I get the same thing. I started out with lesbian stuff and that moved on to gay and eventually transwoman. I'm a Christian too and I listen to different preachers to help keep me distracted. Christian music can help too.
    If you keep at it you can get back to your proper desires, it just takes time
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  3. DopamineDefeater

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    This is serious sorry I need a bit more help than that.
  4. TobyCelibate

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    Sounds like you need to be more social with females in real life. I went through that faze. It wasn’t until I made female friends, stopped watching porn & got a girlfriend that I got over it.

    you know your preference. So go engage.
    You keep saying: “Someday I want to meet”

    she’s not just going to appear infront of you.
    Next time you see a beautiful female. Just talk to her.

    I’ve been there. And I’m here now.
    This isn’t even a trigger for me, because I understand it now. You’re just detached from socializing with these woman.

    flirt with females. Be friendly. Small compliments (genuinely) and it’ll go away really quick.

    PS. She probably wants you to talk to her too.
    But you hold this idea in your mind that she see’s you the way you see yourself.

    which she doesn’t. She see’s a strong man.
    “I wonder if he would be fun to hang out with”

    enough rambling though.
    Rejection doesn’t mean anything.
    It just means there’s another billion Asian woman to ask out.
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  5. Sean Edie

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    Sorry if that wasn't helpful. I find it helps to know others are going through the same thing I am and thought it might help you to know that you're not your fantasies
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  6. --

    This is pretty normal, starting with lesbian because you don't want to see dicks, then you escalate to guys and girls, then transwomen, and eventually gays (Many normalize gay only after they escalate to transwoman, because many of them seem women but with dicks). I don't define myself as a mainstream form of Christian , but i read the bibble and have my own idea of what being christian mean, i read Hosea yesterday, if you take it litteraly, there is some quotes that you can enjoy.



    5 orgasms is a lot, my max was 2-3 in my pre-nofap days.
    If you are ashamed and scared to have sex with a transwoman, you already have in your consciouss something that can defend you from doing it.
    In my opinion is not Autism that cause sexual deviance (For deviance i don't mean doing something sexual wrong but something that is not considered normal between individuals, our normality is woman-man. Woman-woman, man-man is an exception, not a normality) but by depravation of our brain, your brain will search more and more excitement, many people being disgusted to see other people dicks, will eventually escalate and find a false sense of excitment from dicks, that end on disgust after the orgasm. Some people also escalated to zoophilia and pedophilia, that is something that porn can do in my opinion. Remember is just an illusion, your spirit know that your brain is addicted to that shit, but you are not entirely your body, you can't completly control it but you can heal it from all this depravation (with awareness of the madmen in charge of governaments that allowed and planned it, putting triggers everywhere, in tv, in videos, in advertising, in our costumes after the 1968, porn is normalizzed. ) and lust induced by our sick society
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  7. 野良西木

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    No worries bud, it is normal because your brain requires more shocking content in order to reach the same high as your healthy brain before, as you use more content that is more "shocking", the more your dopamine receptor closes, so be careful with what you're using, your brain heals itself after a certain amount of time and I believe whatever "undesired fetish" of yours will vanish if you went on without porn for sufficient amount of time.
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  8. anxiousboy

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    i have almost exactly the same issues. its like i could've written myself. i don't know how exactly to help you, except, dont let it define you. you are much more than just a guy addicted to pornography. you can beat this thing.
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  9. modernstore99

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    I had a really similar story to you guys. I was heavily addicted to trap and futanari porn for many years. it was even worse for me, because for some time I wanted to be a trap and thought I might be trans. Check out my story at Am I a Sissy?? (Actually a good story with happy ending, trust me, read the whole thing)

    Check out these resources from YBOP as well:

    ‘Straight Men, Gay Porn’ and Other Brain Map Mysteries (2010)

    I’m straight, but attracted to transsexual or gay porn (or gay attracted to straight porn). What’s up?

    Is my fetish porn-induced?

    Why did my porn use escalate?

    What are the symptoms of excessive Internet porn use?

    Why is the idea of sexual variety so enticing?

    Studies reporting findings consistent with escalation of porn use (tolerance), habituation to porn, and even withdrawal symptoms

    Porn FAQs

    Thousands of guys are reporting extreme desires for transgender porn, even though they are certain they are straight, and the idea of having sex with someone like that feels wrong to them. You likely fall into that category.

    Lmk if you have any other questions
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  10. Reborn16

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    The more you focus on the issue, the more likely you are to stay in the world of porn.

    You may have a real issue with attraction to trans porn, but it could have been any porn really. The solution to all types of porn however is the same. Spend as much time away from it as you can, while fixing what needs to be fixed in your life.

    Thoughts of your particular fetish will pass through your mind from time to time, especially in the early days. It's just a normal process, try not to focus or identify with it.

    I would recommend identifying what areas of your life you would like to improve (seriously, spend a day on this if you like, take your time.)

    Whatever needs work, is what you should focus on instead.

    Lastly, if you do use porn (and this is also common early in rebooting), I would recommend using the most vanilla / solo / ordinary porn type you can, and not spending too much time on it.

    See this post about decreasing use of porn over time as an alternative to hard mode. Can a porn addict wean off using porn over time? - NoFap
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  11. Trash545415

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    If you absolutely have to cave in to porn then watch vanilla porn. Going a week or so then finally succumbing to your fetish and watching it will literally do more damage than watching it everyday because it’ll feel awesome and leave you wanting more.

    Just shake hands with transwoman porn and call it quits. Any temptations then watch vanilla shit. It’s really just a matter of conditioning and your strategy of building your urge up till you can’t anymore will always lead to failure because 1 ejaculation a week feels so much better than 1 ejaculation a day. You’re just incentivizing transwoman porn.
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  12. Ray S

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    Not to make matters worse.
    But if you are into transwomen, you might be bi.

    I consider myself a heterosexual male, but I am (to) obsessed with girls wearing strapons and using them on men.

    I have watched and visited Dominatrices/Mistresses but I have never gotten to the point I needed to watch 'heavier' porn like transwomen to get aroused.

    Not that there is anything wrong with it.
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  13. TimeToQuitNow

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    I had to look up a couple of those terms.

    Just abstain from porn. It's only making the problem worse
  14. Ray S

    Ray S Fapstronaut


    But I am a large fetish porn user as well, but why did I never gotten to transwomen then?

    It must be something more then simply porn induced.
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  15. TimeToQuitNow

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    Hard to say. Some things just click with people more than others

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