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    Long distance relationship is kind of both bitter and sweet. I have got into new relationship and I love her madly. I am looking forward to get married to her. But the challenge I am facing with the relationship is we are staying 1100 km apart. It takes nearly 20 hours of travel to go to her place. We have decided to meet once in two months. Other days it is just communication through phone. Also our work timing differeces a lot. It gives us only maximum of 1 hour to communicate once a day. I know that is not less. But i feel like want to spend more time with her. And this is the first ever relationship in my life. I always feel like being with her holding her hands all the time.
    Guys who are in long distance relationship give me some advice.

    She means a lot to me. I look forward to spend my life along with her. I want to be a best husband for her.

    All these day being a addict, relationship is kind of new experience to me. I want to make her feel special all her life. This is what I can give her in return for trusting me, for caring me, and choosing me as her life partner.

    Since I have no experience in relationship all I want is some relationship advice ( especially long distance relationship).
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    I don't know what to say but good luck!
  3. This is a LDR, so it's normal that you are apart at the moment. There are couples who take years to meet so in my opinion meeting once in 2 months is more than enough for a Long Distance Relationship.

    You will get to spend more time with her, LDRs needs patience, trust and determination. Good luck man!
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    Where does she live if you don't mind me asking? I have some for yeah that can definitely help. All I can say is pursue it and go see her. I had a online relationship for about a year and the downfall was that I didn't go and her phone wasn't working to well. We had days were we didn't talk at all and that broke everything. Barely ending up chatting at the end of it. She was Thai and she was exactly 12 hours away.
    It was wonderful to be honest. Secondly spend as much time as possible with her to keep her attracted to you. Communication is key to success with online relationships. I remember we played games online for a while and helped each other learn our languages. Keep it fun and random. Do things for her you wouldn't normally do with a casual friend like here in the States or where you are from. She will be flattered and like/love you more. Lastly get one another to know there families. I remember she would always ask if my parents ever asked about her and she would be happy if I told her yes.

    I've been with a few woman online and its wonderful. Just keep the love flowing between the two you and you guys can make it work together.

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