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    I think you can do all the things you listed, maybe avoid the manga.
    About fantasizing, avoid it when you can, but you are not an indian guru, so you can't control all your thoughts, avoid it when you can and don't worry about it.
    Being with your female friend is not bad, it's actually good.

    The goal is not watching porn and not masturbating, not becoming a convict who can't hear music or watch a movie.

    Obviously if you're in the first months avoid any naked woman material (a real woman is ok).
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    In my opinion, you have to increase the intensity of your rebooting gradually, at least It worked for me best. Nowadays we are hyperstimulated by music, drugs, food, entertainment and so forth so on, therefore It's reasonable to reduce your dopamine stimulation by spending more time outdoors and doing activities that don't require electronic devices.

    1 Fantasizing - You will keep having flashes, but don't let fantasies overpower your mind.

    2 Music - It might be positive or negative depending on what kind of music you listen to. I particularly found peaceful music to be helpful. Focus on the message if the music that you listen to makes you peaceful and loving It's a thumbs up, just don't overdo it.

    3 Videos - Take a break from youtube and shows. Rebooters who spend plenty of time online often have a harder time keeping the streak.

    4 No manga whatsoever for you. Avoid racy content.

    5 Adopt some sort of meditation practice as spending time appreciating nature, a hobby or even talking to people. It's crucial to have a connection with other people in order to rewire your brain to normal stimuli levels.

    It's also important that you set attainable goals you will be better off if you focus on improving yourself on a day to day basis, rather than setting long-term goals that you can easily lose track of. 2 day free from porn is already an achievement. Do it and get on with your life without looking back.
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    Don't give too much importance about your thoughts, don't panic if you have, just let them come and go. Don't keep making the story, don't take them and keeping thinking, they will disappear. Maybe it will seem hard because some urge to keep entertaining with them may come. Is the mind itself is not you! You can ignore. Is you that are giving importance to the story. If you don't give any importance, it will drop itself.

    When it comes to real things, real pople and real love, real sex, real hanging out, you don't need to think about before, just go and do it and enjoy it. Nothing wrong man! Go with the lady if you want, go out and have good sex.

    And important, don't fight with willpower! Otherwise you will split yourself in half, one part of your mind wanting it and one part trying to fight with the other part. Is only a self-destruction. There are many studies in PNL about desires.
    A desire and a belief is like a program of the brain and its main fuel. if you desire/belief two opposite things, the software in your head will crash against itself. You need awareness. You need to ignore completely the idea of fapping and it will disappear. You need to focus not in a negative way, as a "stopping of a pleasure", but a positive, "gaining a new state of being, better than before". What i mean?
    Check out Allen's Carr Easyway method to stop smoking, he explain wonderfully how it works and why sillpower is not working. The same with all addictions, dopamine addiction in the brain, nicotine, because all are just chemicals. Surely you can find the book.

    Check out also Eckhart tolle, or Mooji, about thoughts
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    Yes, of course that's a reset
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    Milk is baby calf growth fluid, it's not for humans. It's full of estrogen (female hormone) bro. So if you want to become more womanly, then drink milk. You don't have to get your protein from milk, you can get it from other sources. Where do you think the muscle filled cow/rhino/horse gets their protein from? All plants. There has been some links between milk and Type 1 diabetes. The Western countries that drink milk have the highest rates of osteoporosis (weaker bones). Cow milk has also been linked to prostate cancer/acne. Plant-based milks have everything that cows milk has, without all the dangers.

    I agree nuts are good. I don't agree with meat or eggs, these things block your arteries and eventually lead you to have erectile dysfunction, so you're less of a man...I read your article from Newsline.

    The debunking of cholesterol and eggs has been debunked. All the debunking studies were payed for by the egg industry.
    Watch these:

    Why don't we look at the World Health Recommendations for Eggs instead of Newsline:
    Cholesterol in the blood and tissues is derived from two sources: diet and endogenous synthesis. Dairy fat and meat are major dietary sources. Egg yolk is particularly rich in cholesterol but unlike dairy products and meat does not provide saturated fatty acids. Although dietary cholesterol raises plasma cholesterol levels (15), observational evidence for an association of dietary cholesterol intake with CVD is contradictory (16). There is no requirement for dietary cholesterol and it is advisable to keep the intake as low as possible (2). If intake of dairy fat and meat are controlled, there is no need to severely restrict egg yolk intake, although some limitation remains prudent. 83 Dietary plant sterols, especially sitostanol, reduce serum cholesterol by inhibiting cholesterol absorption (17). The cholesterol-lowering effects of plant sterols has also been well documented (18) and commercial products made of these compounds are widely available, but their longterm effects remain to be seen.
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    They suck!
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    Just some advice, the healthiest way to get strong is on an anti-inflammatory type diet. I'd do some research on plant-based nutrition and look online if you don't believe it, but there are vegan bodybuilders. Eggs/Milk cause inflammation and other bad stuff, see my reply to the other guy prior to this.
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    There are so many...almond, soy, oat, rice, etc...there must be one you like the taste of, try out some more
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    I have tried them. They ALL suck!
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    That's too bad. The healthiest drinks are tea or water, do those instead
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    I guess we will agree to disagree clarity... Although I wasn't aware that milk could increase estrogen so thanks for that info. I'll have a look through your links, I just find all this very roundabout.. One day eggs are great, the next day they cause cancer. Feels like every man and his dog disagrees on what is healthy and what isn't.

    Just quickly - DO NOT DRINK SOY MILK. I'm sure you've heard of the term 'soy boy' by now.. Soy is one of the most harmful things you can have. Absolutely terrible, specifically for men. You'll grow breasts and start talking like a woman. NO SOY!
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll make it this time.
  13. Thanks a lot for your reply. I like to listen to traditional heavy metal like iron maiden, judas priest, slayer etc... should i just stop for now to see what happens? I'm thinking about to listen only while during meditation, some calm music to help me to meditate cuz its hard for me to concentrate. And to study some mozart. And maybe to run at the gym some music like movies and anime soundtrack. What do u think?
    About videos, i wanted to see some documentaries, but should i just stay way from any video now right?! I'm actually ok with that. :)
  14. Thanks a lot. Great advide. I will sure check them out. :)
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    Thanks Nu Start, sorry if I come off as confrontational, but you're right there's so much confusion in this area. Confusion is the same tactics the tobacco companies used to make people just shrug it all off, now the dairy and meat companies are using the same tactics. From the data I have found, having 1 egg in a week is safe.

    Regarding soy milk, there was once a fear around soy a couple of years ago, but that myth was busted too. Soy is healthy, soy milk is a bit more processed and therefore less healthy, but it's definitely healthier than having cow milk. Soy has phytoestrogens (estrogen-like compound), but the estrogen effect is super weak. Alcohol is a much stronger phytoestrogen than soy. You'd have to drink a HUGE amount of soy to have any estrogen-effect, it's almost impossible to have that much soy unless it's your intention.

    Let me know if you'd like another video reference

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