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    Hey everyone, I just relapsed after 4 days. I know what you all are thinking, thats only 4 days but its a lot to me. I have been masturbating 3 times a day on average for the past 7-8 years. My first try of NoFap which was last year lasted 2 months. I was feeling great. My morning erections were different, and felt better emotionally and physically. Since then I have been struggling to reach 1 month. The reason I'm trying to do NoFap is because I have PIED. I have only had sex once before when i was 17. Wasn't very successful (used lots of fantasy to get erection and orgasm). Did not realized that porn was the cause of it until last year. I feel like my mind is too occupied with porn. I gym and hang out with friends to fill my day but as soon as I'm home my brain tells me to turn on some porn.

    Anyone has any suggestions in how to deal with these cravings??!!
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  2. once you hit rock bottom you will never be wanting PMO ever again, even if the urges come
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    hi 'dat !

    Start by reading the "getting started guide" available on the noFAP home page. It includes useful information on noPMO journeys.

    Its critical that you have a clear goal and objective in your mind and it needs to always be fresh in your mind. A goal isn't a number of noPMO days or some other arbitrary measure - its more like you NEED to heal from PIED. Think about your goal(s) and objectives and what you will do to keep them fresh in your mind. If we don't have a very clear, very strong reason why we are doing noPMO, and if we don't continually remind ourselves why we NEED healing, then relapses often occur.

    There is no better time than right now to start your journey to healing.

    What are you waiting for ? Get going !

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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