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  1. I am 17 years old and I wouldn't say that I have had a massive issue with P, but I used to watch it for maybe 20 minutes per day, but now I have been trying to stop P and M since the beginning of this summer. Initially it went well, because I was hanging out with my friends all day. my relapses happened about every 7 or 8 days, but not like all day watching, just for 10 minutes maybe. As long as I keep myself VERY busy, it's not a problem.
    Now when I have school and I'm tired and my friends don't have much time to do stuff, I relapse like every 3 days. How do I stop doing it all together?

    All my P watching is on my phone, and I can't seem to find a blocker that blocks everything properly
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    From May 17th to September 17th (more or less) I somehow managed to relapse only twice, after having undergone a pair of 43 and 74 day streaks each. How so? mostly because of this guy - even though I'm not that much into military stuff, his vids are waaay too soothing to describe, so you better give him a look by your own:

    Plus, it serves for me as an example - I could either keep being an addict jerk or become a charismatic, good-looking guy like him!

    ... and this other dude too, he covers several methaphysic, pyschological and spiritual topics on his vids but this has been the one that's helped me the most for obvious reasons:

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    Get rid of the phone - do the landline thing; I know it seems extreme but it sounds like a big stumbling block for you.
  4. Just relapsed again after 2 days and as usual, I hate myself

    I have thought about getting rid of my phone, but I have contact with a lot of friends via Snapchat, and I like to take pictures, and I want to be able to listen to music and watch Netflix, so getting rid of the phone is not an option. I have K9 web protection on my computer, with a random password that I don't remember. Is there something similar that I can do on my phone?
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    Hey man, you gotta stop using P as a relaxation mode. It's not a healthy way of thinking. You can take long walks in the park by foot or bike. It can calm you and you can discover a lot of things in nature.

    Also, don't get addicted by apps like Netflix because there are a lot of triggers out there and you can waste a lot of precious time there. Go to the gym instead.

    Just learn how to invest in yourself and do everything you can to achieve your goals.
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