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  1. So I have the bad habit of saying stupid things when I am with a bunch of friends. When a new person comes in the group the others feel surprised when they see me being serious. But with the familiar ones once I speak, the one punches his head, the other one about to cry, and another person tells me to stop. Any tips on how to stop being stupid?
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    Interesting problem. Would you care to elaborate more? What kinds of things do you say?
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    1 tip that has worked for me is that is stopped thinking about what other people think of me. You can't please everyone even if you tried your best. And not giving a shit and being yourself works both ways: Once you talk about things you believe in and stop caring if they sound stupid or not others will follow. Once you give in to thinking about sounding stupid, then others will follow/laugh etc.

    For example: If I like to talk about pokemon (supposedly not a cool subject) and people start laughing and i stop because i start to believe that its stupid, then i feel stupid. If i start talking and i sound stupid but i just do not give a f*ck, people can laugh all they want but it has no effect and they will feel stupid for laughing. (sorry in advance for any typing errors and have a nice day).
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  5. I say a "joke" and it always end up being cold. Or when the my friends speak, I will say something connected to the issue but end up being out of topic.
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    Well, think before you speak. You are responsible for everything you say, make a conscious decision every time you speak not say something like that.
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    Well watch some awkward pranks you will soon realize you are not the only one(being sarcastic)
  8. “I certainly think that as a general tactic in life … it is often useful to give the slight impression that you are deliberately pretending not to know what is going on. Because the reality may be that you don’t know what is going on, but people won’t be able to tell the difference.”
    -UK Prime Minister
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    A lot of people take everything, and I mean everything, at face value. This could just make you look like an idiot.

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