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    It's about obsessiveness toewards multiple masturabation after relapse.
    I always have a long streak on hard mode of around 30 days but when I relapse to pmo i have done with ejaculating multiple time say 10 to 12 times.Most of time the ejaculation is done by rubbing penis inside underpants while watching porn instead of jerking off.This make me feel guilty and I feel low.But it have been running for long time .Is this some kind of obsessiveness ?Please help me about this because there is no blog on internet about this and I know I can maintain a long streak but this actually lowers my inner confidence.Please Help Me.
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    I dont know if it helps but better go 2-3 days and fap one time and then go again 2-3 days so you stop your behaviour of fapping multiply times after orgasm. After you manage to conquer this habbit then you can make the streaks longer. imo.
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    Advice : if the urge comes, go wash your face in cold water or better yet, take a cold shower. Go outside, and breath some fresh air when the urge hits.

    For any long term project, I advise you to learn to meditate, particularly the labeling skill.

    In other words, when the urge hits, you must nip it in the bud as fast as possible by thinking to yourself "thinking". Then you must "look at it" in the mental way, don't chastise it because it will make it worse. You must look at it like some sort of cute animal (maybe there is a better example) throwing a tantrum. You must then calm the animal by "looking at it" until it calms down.

    Don't expect it to work just like that, you must do this regularly for ten days if you hope to see any progression.

    I hope this helps.


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    Well let me tell you about my exp , starting this year i had a record of no fapping for 89 days and 21 hours but at the same time i was consuming porn simultaneously , i was giving these excuses to my brain that at least i am not fapping i am just watching porn and its ok but in reality my mind was tricking me , at last i relapsed and after that i use to fap for 2-3 times a day even more sometime for a very long time.

    My background , i have addicted to this habit for almost 9 years and believe me it has ruined my life , i used to rub my dick with my bed sheets in order to fap and i was imagining that i was having sex with my eyes closes while i was rubbing and hurting my penis .

    I ll advice you to read this book ( YOUR BRAIN ON PORN , BY - GARY WILSON ) first everything about your enemy and then kill him with right strategy .

    Your problem is not below your belt but it is on your mind , so try to read that book and gain knowledge , that you will require for defeating this enemy , keep yourself busy as much as you can , porn will only give back regrets, pain , hurt , and it damages/changes to your mind in a very bad way , our brain are not designed for these changes so keep it safe , Our brain and Semen is our precious asset and we all are aging , the production of semen gets decreased as we grow old and our brain stops developing after the age of 25 , so if you have time then feed your brain with only and only information and preserve your semen while you can . All the best for your journey , Good luck :)
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    I have the same issue I go a few days then il give into it, and it will be multiple times over the day ,it's all consuming at times, then I stop and it will be the same all over, my plan was to only the once after relapse but just triggered it over again,

    The only way is to STOP making excuses when those urges arise and do whatever u can to take your mind off it , don't focus in 90 days focus on each individual moment and how to combat it.

    It just leads to shame, confusion , probably mental Ill health,

    If it comes down to it and it's at a point I think I am Definitely going to relapse, go without porn , and take away the high stimulation. eventually the addiction myt lessen

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