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  1. I am into porn. i'm trying to stop but the I can't overcome it. I need help cause it's affecting my life miserably and I need to remove this addiction.
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    I recommend getting an accountability partner and help from people irl. Like a support group, a therapist, or even a close friend. It is very important to believe in yourself and remember that you can do this and you are capable of change. If you have a trusted friend or family member you see often it can be beneficial to ask them to put restrictions on your phone or other devices. It is extremely important to be honest with yourself and your accountability partner. And it can be beneficial to journal every time you have urges. So many people were where you are and have made progress in their own battle. And I know you can make progress on yours. Things do get a little easier, like it’s easier to ignore the urges. Just stay motivated to stop. Try to keep yourself busy if you can. When you make progress, do not feel discouraged if you relapse, it happens to all of us, challenge yourself to make it longer next time. Overtime you will learn your triggers and it will become easier to resist. Try your best! Good luck! You have so much support here!
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    Look, i have a few Things that ive seen have helped me recently where ive gotten to a 20 day streak, before that i couldnt pass 7 days. Also since ive implemented These Things at the beginning of march ive only fapped like 4-5 times in this period.
    1. Every morning when you wake up write down 5 Things which youre grateful for. This can be anything from small to big Things but the goal is to fill your mind with positive thoughts right in the morning, also it helps you Keep track of your thoughts as the streak goes on. Ive seen that when i think about These Things in the morning my whole day goes the positive way, but if you think about Problems or depressive Things in the morning that can fuck your whole day up and you could relapse because of the pressure and the frustrations.
    2. Try spending more time with your Family or Friends. Ive noticed that when im around people for a longer period of time i just seem to think less about These Things and it also helps you pass the time.
    3. Find something that motivates you to improve. If youre too skinny or too fat, try to be active and get your body in shape as much as possible, go jogging, Play some sport outside (Soccer,basketball etc.), do exercises at home (Body weight exercises or anything without Equipment), read or learn something new, eat healthier. These Things are gonna be hard in the beginning but if you put them one by one in your life, youre gonna find youre improving so much and its just gonna feel like they are working in your favor. Maybe you are already fit and want to be better at School or at work, in that case make a plan how youre gonna improve your performance in These Things and just start doing it.
    4. Dont pressure yourself too much. Be Aware that this journey will be full of ups and downs, but the more you go through, the stronger youre gonna come out. The first week you may Need more Sleep so that your brain can rewire, and after that just remember that your brain is going to try to trick you in every way to fap again and you have to fight that, its gonna give you depressive thoughts, doubts, insecurity, lack of motivation and a lot more difficult shit to deal with, but this is going to make you stronger as you go along the journey.
    5. Dont focus on getting attention from women and girls. I know a lot of people on nofap tell you your attraction is gonna increase dramatically and youre gonna get a lot of attention from girls and this is completely true. Ive never had a Problem with girls but i know some guys who have. However this isnt something you should be Focusing on, you should enjoy it, but remember that the guys who show girls Little to no interest, end up being chased by women. Trying to impress them or being someone youre not aint gonna bring you shit. This can also be dangerous because if youre Always thinking about women it can give you hard sexual thoughts and you can end up relapsing. Also remember that when you improve yourself and your life the women are gonna notice that and theyre gonna like your ambition and focus.
    6. Imagine the version of yourself youve Always wanted to be and tell yourself it is possible and that nofap is gonna help you start becoming that Person. You should imagine yourself succeeding at Things or getting the Things you want, and you should tell yourself nofap is gonna be a tool to help you push yourself to get that. As you start nofap youre gonna start thinking differently about life and youre gonna see how self improvement is the only way to happiness because if you dont take care of yourself nobody will.
    I hope this helped you and if you Need any help or tips you can ask me im glad to talk to you.
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    This has been hard for me personally. I have opened up to a few of my friends, but a lot them think P is not addictive and perfectly natural or just not that much of a big deal....I don't think they know how bad it is, especially the escalation and PIED effects. Hoping that Boy Wonder can find a decent accountability partner

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