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Help me!!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Charlie's devil, May 24, 2020.

  1. Charlie's devil

    Charlie's devil Fapstronaut

    Hey guys first time here (writing).
    I was faping since I was 9
    Then my friend introduced me to porn.

    This is where things took an unexpected turn my life was bad and messed up I only saw girls as an object to have sex all the time id think bout it it continued till I was 15years 2 months old
    I found nofap and went on my first streak
    Which lasted 12 days and then 6more streaks like that
    Then my first 30+ day streak

    I was happy
    Saw girls as humans
    Wasn't depressed
    Good at sport (I'm an athlete)
    And all the and ons

    I was broken when the streak ended but after 3-4 more streaks I had my dream streak
    After that im stuck and can't go past 15 days I'm miserable with each fap and I think something is wrong
    Please mates I need your help!!

  2. drac16

    drac16 Fapstronaut

    Try to avoid triggers. For me, TV commercials trigger lust in my mind, so whenever I see an impure commercial, I look at the ground for 30 seconds (in order to avoid lust sneaking in there).
  3. obi64

    obi64 Fapstronaut

    This is gonna be a long post but please read through it all and i hope i can help. And some of these things you might already do or already know like working out and stuff since you said you're an athlete. Im just trying give you broad understanding of things that helped me out

    Well this all depends. Like what i understood from doing nofap is you gotta improve your life. Basically heres the rule: your situation won't change unless you change

    So what changes have you made to your life. I recommend you start up some new things. Look for inspiration on life improvement. Like what i recommend is learning, exercise and socialising. What i did was i started exercising, i started reading about stuff i was interested in, i started doing an online course on coursera, i started improving my handwriting so i also started journaling. take up chores around the house like wash dishes, do your bed, clean the house stuff like that Here's the idea: the more time you do these things the more time your mind will be distracted from doing porn. And also it will greatly increase your ability as a person.

    Exercise has many benefits that you need whilst fighting your addiction. It helps fight depression and it may help you become more disciplined. But i recommend you also read up on it so you don't make mistakes an accidentally hurt yourself. Like when to take rest days, what exercises to not do (like one thing don't do sit ups) and form....yeah i know you probably know that....

    Now the issue comes with when the urge becomes so strong you can't resist. You need a fail safe. I recommend you take a cold shower immediately. No excuses. (unless you have a medical condition that can make cold showers bad for you) Just ignore everything and jump in there. That should usually take care of it. If it still stays drop down and exercise. (Unless at that point you are not supposed to like when you are already sore from exercising before). If it still comes back look for inspiration online. Nofap success stories can help. And then another thing you can do is just start a conversation with someone. A long and meaningful conversation. It will make you forget your urge.

    Now the next rule is this: don't go near it. Now listen. If you surround yourself with things that trigger your addiction chances are it will trigger your addiction. Don't put yourself in situations that trigger you addiction. Like one thing that really affected me was anime. If something like a trigger appears look away or as quickly as possible exit the situation.

    Now another thing that matters is your friend circles. Listen if your friends drink chances are you will start too. If you surround yourself with people who smoke you might start too. Conversely, if you surround yourself with people who are trying to better themselves chances are you will too, if you surround yourself with people who do good things chances are you will too. The people you surround yourself with can have a profound influence on who you are. This is why joining a community like nofap is so beneficial you are surrounding yourself with people who are trying to improve themselves and beat porn addiction. If your friends are toxic you have to find better friends. This is better for you. You many not want to. Then atleast reduce your interactions with them but try and find people who will be better. You have to socialise. Don't just give it up. But if its bad for you just change who you socialise with. Its for the best

    Now another thing that I've seen that a lot of people are recommending is installing a porn blocking app. I cant think of one now but ask on nofap or look online and you can find one. It can really help if you have no control over yourself.

    Also read up on nofap flatline if you don't know about it. Its really important you know about it.

    And that's all i can think of at the moment. Now this isn't comprehensive. There's always more to learn so you should ask more people.

    But by now you should realise nofap has to be more than just stopping your addiction it has to be about you improving yourself. Remember the first rule: your situation wont Change unless you change
    And Never give up.NEVER. GIVE. UP. If at any time you falter start again ignore those depressing thoughts and fight this. Think of the badass you'll become when you succeed.

    Hope i helped
  4. Icandoit1

    Icandoit1 New Fapstronaut

    Just try to stay busy doing the things you love.
    And Remember it never gets easy you just get better.
    We men have to stay until we die
    Make nofap common for you , try thinking like I gotta do this everyday let's stay happy with it!
    Do the things you love & forget about fapping cuz you can't do it its not possible

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