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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by g2stop, Dec 30, 2019.

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    The only positive is you can be with a pretty woman.
    But other then that it's all fake, you can have sex but mostly likely she will look at the time get you off as quick as possible or ask for more money.
    The sex itself is meaningless because you have no connection with the woman, after you go home you will feel nothing or you will feel empty but not as satisfied as doing it with a woman which you have a relationship with.
  2. Raphael Pereira

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    Its all about perspective.
    Some people feel confortable having sex with strangers and no further connection after the act. "Paying with money" or "Paying with time invested" has no diference seeing it that way.

    First question you must do is: What do i want?
    I want meanless sex?
    I want feel good and get long with someone?
    I want a relationship?

    How can i know if it's my mind or my consciousness responding?
    Are you sick? have you faced the darkside of PMO?
    If yes, probably you should never see an escort
    why? You can make interaction with them, but no matter what you do, you'll be never connect with them.
    You got problems making connection with other people?
    Other people see you as an stranger?
    Then you sick, and got embrace your pain.
    Everytime you think about it, bring up what's your loss doing PMO.
    Because in my rumble opinion, everytime i saw an escort, i went back to porn.
    So i dont know, seems a little risky to me.

    Hope you get better.

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