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    Hello guys

    I’ve been on a PMO streak for almost a month now. I have been experiencing all the benefits of NoFap and avoiding pmo.

    However, lately I have been getting intense urges and struggling to manage them. I tend to go running which helps temporarily, but it is still lingering.

    I am currently on a long distance relationship and my wife lives in a different country. This gives me two main problem -

    1, our calls tend to get very sexual involving videos of sexual nature,

    2, because of these constant urges I get on a daily basis and being on NoFap PMO, I get a whole ton of sexual content of which I need to utilise.

    I am finding it difficult to control the energy and visualise either watching porn/ masturbation….. or….. something I am very shameful of even thinking…. Cheating on my wife with another women.

    I would really appreciate any guidance or advise on how I can overcome this difficult situation.

    Thank you

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