help please, am I doing this right?

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    Up until last week I was a 19 year old virgin who used to masturbate every single day and recently I got a girlfriend. I never ever worried about anything downstairs until I finally had sex with her. To get into details she really turned me on and I was super hard but when was having sex I couldn’t cum, well in fact i never reached that climax. I always expected not to last long on my first time but I was having sex for like 30 minutes and I didn’t cum, she then blew me but I felt like I wasn’t getting much out of it.

    so yeah after doing some re search I’ve found a couple of reason why this happened number 1 being that I was nervous because it was my first time and I was scared to hurt her and 2 being that I have death grip syndrome, this in fact actually made me really upset because I just thought everything is over :( I was wondering if I could get any help on what I could do if there’s a way to recover if this is what I’ve got, since then I haven’t watched porn or masturbated for 4 days because it really scared me. For extra information if it matters my penis curves to the left, it doesn’t cause me any pain and it doesn’t cause any difficulties during sex.

    thanks I really would appreciate any help
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    It’ll take time, stopping PMO is great, that’ll just take some time and you’ll be ok
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    Don't worry about being weird. PIED is a common condition for men addicted to porn and masturbation. A curved penis is also normal. Many men have been through the same situation as you in our porn-fulled high-speed internet world today.

    The resources you will find here will be a big help for you. The best advice for you is the most difficult: Get porn and jacking off out of your life. It takes time to reboot after removing the artificial stimulation, sometimes a lot of time. You might also look for "Your brain on porn" by Gary Wilson -- it will explain a lot of what is happening to you, and how rebooting can fix it.

    This journey is not easy, but it is worth it.
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    shit takes time man.

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