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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by phil23365, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. phil23365

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    Hi all,

    bit of background - i have been addicted to spanking porn since the age of 17

    f/f and nothing too severe, but nonetheless, this addiction has spilled over into my personal life and coloured my sexual preferences. it has been difficult for me to get aroused by any normal sex, it's spanking or nothing

    and it's making my life hell. i have lost my girlfriend


    1/ is it possible to retrain my brain to "forget" this?

    2/ if so, how?

    I want to be aroused by normal sex and have normal relationshios

    thanks very much
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  2. Changeisgud

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    Yeah! That’s what rebooting is all about. How old are you now? Anyways, stop PM and if you can, stop O for a while too. Aim for 90 days, but do one day at a time! This will help you for sure!
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  4. phil23365

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    hey guys, thanks

    quick question - one of my goals is to strengthen the blood flow to my penis through more regular masturbation - do you think i can continue to do this without porn?

    im hoping to abstain from porn for 90 days (well, forever) - but if you think abstaining from masturbation completely is more sensible...

    thanks again
  5. PMO addict

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    In terms of "removing" the interest in spanking here is my experience. I started to go to ACA meetings in 2013. ( I mainly use the telephone meetings now. I lost interest in anything abusive like spanking or violence. Even dragon ball z became un-interesting to me as I couldn't watch the violence any more. I think its a really special program because ven when I relapsed on P I couldn't look at spanking or other abusive things (such as the use of derogatory or abusive language) the same way any more.
  6. Basic Plains

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    I'm not a doctor, so I could be vary wrong. However, just as we know that going PMO free for a prolonged period of time helps your brain to create new neural pathways (or whatever they are called) changing your addictive behaviors by creating new ones. Other sexual behaviors or preferences might also prove helped by a similar process. other than that I can only thing i can say is to think through WHY you feel this way. What is it about this particular type of sexual expression that interests you. often times there are deeper rooted things that lead to these types of expressions. I hope you find success.

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