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    Hello guys I am new to this community. I am not sure where to put this kind of post and I’m kind of freaking out right now so I just need some advice/help. I’ve heard about Nofap for a bit but have not entered the community until now.

    Here is a bit of context before I explain the issue:
    I first experienced pornography at 13 and since then (I’m 18 now) I have used it off and on for 5 years now. It was not frequent use at the start, but it quickly has gotten worse over the years. I only would see temptations on instagram and that would be the trigger, but now these days it is like I must find pornography to get that dopamine rush. I’ve been half trying to quit for like 2 years now and I started really tracking my relapses since 2022, which my record is only 10 ten days without in the 400 some days I have been tracking. It’s pretty pathetic. I know most guys fap but I don’t know anyone near to me that has developed a pattern of this severity.

    The issue:
    So, the past few days I have noticed I don’t really get hard like I used to. Even like when I PMO (I think that’s the term for using porn?) I have trouble now getting hard. I feel the stimulation, but my John doesn’t even extend the length it used to. It was like 6 inches if you measure from the shaft to the top, and now it hits 5 even when I get it like semi hard. It doesn’t even get fully hard. I think this is certainly ED. I am freaking out right now and I don’t know if this is permanent or where my length went. I am so naive because I thought ED was like for older people, but I have been humbled extremely. Reading some things online it seems this is temporary? If I complete a reboot it will slowly heal back to normal??? Like I think it’s like a blood flow thing but I’m not sure. Please if anyone knows something about this please help me out! Thank you!
  2. Hello @forgivenredeemed and welcome to NoFap!

    Based on your post I would say a better place to post would have been in the "New to NoFap" or "Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions" section since you are new and you seem to be having symptoms of ED. This section is more of a "beyond NoFap" section - a place where people who want to discuss things like sexual abstinence (in its various forms) or anything else a bit more advanced some people find after quitting porn.

    About your ED concern: Based on your post, yes it is highly likely that your porn use is the cause of your ED symptoms. It is not permanent, and based on your age and time you have watched porn, I would think it shouldn't take that long for it to heal. I suggest you start with the YourBrainOnPorn website (highly quoted and widely accepted in the NoFap community) to understand the effect of porn more generally. This is the largest, highest quality, secular, most science-based resource on quitting porn I have found. In case science is not your thing or strongest suit, you can find many testimonies on that site also regrading improved ED.

    I recommend you start with the following content:

    Shorter but a bit older video (still relevant!):
    "The great Porn experiment" by Gary Wilson (creator of YourBrainOnPorn)

    Longer, more recent and more detailed version of the above (You can also find a video on ED on this Youtube channel):
    "Your Brain on Porn: How Internet porn affects the brain"

    Even more details (including links to scientific papers) in the article:

    If you want more information regarding ED, you may want to check out Gabe deem on "The Reboot Nation" Youtube channel.

    Of course I recommend you educate yourself as much as you can but going through these links should more than help you get started.

    Good luck on your journey!
  3. As someone who also practices retention, I can relate to what you say. But have a care, brother: The way you post comes off as extremely arrogant. I have realized the massive benefits of retention and thus totally understand why you are super pumped to share your views. But someone who is only starting NoFap will be very likely to being nothing short of extremely repulsed by such a crude presentation of your view and could very likely get a really terrible impression of the NoFap community and reject your view out of spite. Please start contemplating on the vice of pride, brother, before it destroys you.

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