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    Hi everyone new guy on this forum but i knew about nofap but decided to join it finally as my self im an indian age of 20 years starting watching porn at the 12 but never masturbated since i was 19 till then it became an addiction i had to watch it at least in a week but then i bought an android phone and yea it became a daily routine but i dnt fap like 3-4 times a day.I masturbate twice in a week. When i first started it a year back i felt reaally gud but then i realized that this pleasure is actually killing me inside and im a gym addict im doing my best in the gym but it seems this PMO is doing serious damage to gym progress as i used to eat almost 2500-3000 i got my dream weight but then i left the gym thx to my xams and bang my masturbation was on i lost almost 8 pounds.So i decided to take this challenge i successfully got to 13 days and my second streak was 8 days but now till i reach the mark of 4 days i get a stomache and i feel joint and muscular pain is this normal symptoms no sleep flashbacks i hate this shit Please i need help. NOTE1:Once i masturbated i took a gap of 4 days now i dnt do it daily for 3-4 times
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    I don't know if all these symptoms are normal, but some of them are. Not sleeping is a big one. I've found it's best to get up an do something when you can't sleep. Read a book, walk around, maybe watch some tv, or whatever works for you. I don't think you should go on the computer to help you sleep though. It normally makes me more awake when I do that.
    Flashbacks are normal too. Just make yourself think of other things, and they will go away with time. You can put a rubber band on your wrist, and snap it whenever you have flashbacks or bad thoughts. That will train your brain to avoid those things. It also helps to get up and walk away from where you were when you are having flashbacks.

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