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    Hello. I just joined NoFap because I want to make a change in my life but I have to tell my story first. I am going to be a senior in the fall and my sex story has been complicated. I began masturbating in 7th grade was the first time I did it. I don’t think I started porn until eighth grade however. I remember after masturbating one night, I woke up barley able to walk. My nuts hurt and it was the most pain I had ever felt I my life. I was rushed to the hospital and found out I had testicular torsion. I had surgery ASAP and if I didn’t, I would have lost the testicle. I was also informed I have a varicocele on my left side. I masturbated still after the surgery; I seemed to have no problems even with the varicocele. Until one day, the unthinkable happened; I got a girlfriend. I had never had sexual contact with a girl besides making out at this point and was excited to finally get it done. I got hard and kept an erection; I couldn’t ejaculate. She sucked my dick for about ten minutes- nothing. After dating for 10 months and having vaginal sex about 2 times and head more; I haven’t (albeit she only does it for 5-10 minutes and stops). Is this because of my habit of porn, masturbation, the surgery, or varicocele? I want to be able to ejaculate in front of a female. And have kids in the future. I am a Christ follower as well which makes it even worse in my spirit how I have been addicted to it; relapse after relapse of porn and the pressure and temptation of sex in real life. Thoughts and advice- please! I know no one on here is a doctor but someone talk. Sorry for the read- all love.
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  2. Do you ejaculate when being alone masturbating? If yes, then you have actually answered your own question. Humans tend to lie to themselves, me not excluded. I also suffered from delayed ejaculation (ED) and it caused me a lot of troubles before I found a way to get rid of it. I know how you feel because it is quite uncomfortable causing doughts on both sides of the relationship. What happened me was a PMO detox. I wrote a post about the same topic yesterday that may will help you:

    Most of us here had same experiences like you that caused us to be forced to face our addictions. You are not alone in this and we are here to support you! Welcome in the community! :)
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