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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by York Mcconaughey, May 15, 2020.

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    Hello everyone, I hope ya"ll having a great day. I hope the journey is going smoothly for ya. Well, what can I say mine ain't smooth and the path is full of traps and pits. everytime I do good and have a good streak I fall and fall bad. got stuck into that rabithole forever and my relapse take longer. I'm writing this thread to seek Help and reach out to fellow Fapstrounaut. I've been in Nofap since 2017 but I never was that active , Today I decided that I'll use Nofap "the right way" and interact with others.
    So yeah! I'll talk about what is bothering me, it is this month and this quarantine thing is not helping either. So I relapsed around 7 times this month and my last one was the worst ( I binched watched porn for hour and fapped 5 times in less than 12 hours ) I know what I was thinking, ( U know i had some really bad thoughts ) I wanted to escape my ugly reality and avoid my emptyness . I felt really shitty and I told myself why not masturbate, fuck it, I'll fap my self to death , until I black out and just stop this fucking cycle of suffering . I'm also a loner and introvert, I literary have no friends or even pals or even strangers that u regularly talk to . I live with my parents at the moment but I feel like they are not even there. they have no freaking idea of what I am going through . they think I'm Good and healthy where the reality of the matter is the opposite .I feel so low and hopeless and Have no goal in my life , I'm on my last semester in college but I screw my career up . My brain ain't the same , My body too and my cognitive abilites are bad . this shit is giving me migraines and damaging my brain . I dunno why I'm still even living ( I wish I can die but I know that I'm not brave enough to commit suicuide ) what can I do ? u guys think there's Hope ? u think there's reason for me ? I'm confused and My self is abused and there's nothing in Mind . Help Me Please!
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    I'm from Braveheart country

    Youve got to do the research into what this is all doing to you. Really learn as much as possible. Books and YBOP in particular. I've definitely found that method to help.

    What have you done so far to try to stop relapses?

    You're still young dude. Invest a lot in recovery now and you can get on with enjoying the rest of your life. Best of luck my friend
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    I feel you man, just got back up from almost a 3 month relapse period which was a living hell for me, but there is always hope as long as you don't give up.

    What helped me pull myself out of that rabbit hole was the realisation that like you i'm still young, you are only 23 which means that you have so much time to left to imprive yourself and live a happy life.

    Just start with small goals like exercising 15 to 30 minutes a day or meditating for some time and start increasing time or intensitie of the workout from there, once you finish a workout or whatever you did which was productive you will feel more confident about yourself.

    If you just power through you will notice that once you get the pmo shit out and start living a regular life again socialising will become much easier and you will find friends a girlfriend and a purpose in due time.
    The one thing i have found you should not do is worry too much about it, don't pressure yourself to find friends or a girl and don't compare yourself to others, the only thing that will do is make you feel more depressed when they have something you don't and that will leed to a relapse. Just let it all come and you will find your happiness mate.

    Hope this helped you a little and if you have any questions or just want to talk send me a pm mate.

    Best of luck on your journey i will be rooting for you
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    I will ask my husband to speak with you.

    I can tell you, having someone to talk to is important.
  5. York Mcconaughey

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    Thank you so Much Miss . I'll be forever grateful :)

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