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  1. During one of the Our Fathers for my daily Rosary today, I had a somewhat troubling thought. The line "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us" caught my attention. What concerns me is that, the way I see it, masturbation is primarily a sin against ourselves, our own bodies--we're trespassing against ourselves. The logic would then seem to imply that in order to receive forgiveness from God, we must be able to forgive ourselves.

    This sounds like a daunting prospect. I'm not even sure what true, healthy self-forgiveness looks like. Do you guys have any thoughts on the subject?
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    It's certainly a valid thought. Self-forgiveness means genuinely repenting and then not beating yourself up over your past sins. It means letting go of guilt and shame and engaging with people as a new person - a person no longer in bondage to sin. You've changed for the better and you never have to be the person you were again. It means carrying yourself with your shoulders back and your head held high. It means giving yourself permission to be happy again. It means loving yourself. In short, it means restoring your sense of self-respect.
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    I struggled, and sometimes still struggle, with burden of guilt of my extensive sinful past. However, I see that deep guilt, leading to diffidence and despair are tools of the devil. These are not feelings Our Precious Lord wants for us. There were times I felt God could no longer forgive me as I had sinned far more than 70 x 7. I concluded that even God must have a limit to His forgiveness. Fortunately, I was completely wrong in that conclusion. A few months ago, I was led to Romans 6:5-7 (Knox)
    "5 We have to be closely fitted into the pattern of his resurrection, as we have been into the pattern of his death;
    6 we have to be sure of this, that our former nature has been crucified with him, and the living power of our guilt annihilated, so that we are the slaves of guilt no longer.
    7 Guilt makes no more claim on a man who is dead."

    Now, I believe my former self, so riddled and thoroughly corrupted by sin, is dead. I am a new person, on a new path. It is only through this consideration that I can find joy and a reason to go forward.
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