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    I was on a 40 day streak. Ended up having sex with my ex a few times than gave in and PMOd a few days after that. I've struggled to get back on track ever since but now I'm back on an 8 day streak and i feel good again, however my penis literally feels limp man. I know it could be the flatline stage but man. I'm 19 and nothing arouses me. My penis feels non existent and i don't get those random hard 100% boners like before. This scares me. Any answers to if this will ever go back to normal?
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    You have kinda made it harder by having sex. It is advisable to not have sex at least until 90 days as orgasms can set you back and this is exactly happened. You would have to start over again and this time go PMO free with no sex for at least 3 months. Goodluck!
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