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    Man i felt that while watching porn i wasn't getting erect but while sexchating i was getting erect . Porn was no longer arosing me untill i had opened 4-5 tabs of it . Then 2 months before i checked myself with softcore porn and result was i wasn't getting erect and ejaculated without erection . I thaught problem is in my penis and begun to worry abt day i woke up i had burning sensation in my penis and i was having frequent urination .i thought i m gone then i went to doctor he said it is UTI . I begun searching it on intrnet which made me more depressed by saying that ed is caused by test problem which results in loss in sex appatite .And from that particular day i lost my sex appatite . Then i heard about nofap and i gave it a try aftr 2 mnths i had random erections and morning erections but no attraction to girls
    But presently my random erections and morning erections are once again gone even i feel that i m not getting nocternal erections .
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    Personally, I would say this is definitely something for a doctor to diagnose.
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    Have you given up all porn and sexual stimulation?
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    Cancel your pitty party and fight the fuck back! This is your life we’re talking about

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