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    So, I have been away from NOFap from a while and my life has gone downward spiral.

    Long story short, Exams are tearing my doors apart (really close) yet I can't seem to stop PMO. And, today I just realized after coming back from a mock exam gone bad that I was PMOing due to the stress and despair.

    I was a supposed good student but lack of practice ( For obvious reason) made me blunt. Now I fear competition and the fear fuels addiction.

    I can't look inside a book because it makes me confused about what to read what to not, afraid about what if I missed an important part. So, All these months I was avoiding books.

    What did I do with my time away from books? I tried to entertain myself with movies and anime and manga. And one thing leading to another, I always ended up PMOing.

    What to do? I am lost. My brain feels empty, my balls feel empty. I can't think of a way out. One thing is certain is that my willpower is not enough for this case. Not to mention I don't have enough time.

    NEED HELP!!!!!!

    HELP ME!!!!!!
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  2. Hey man, thanks for sharing. I think you hit upon some triggers in your question: anime, movies and manga. What movies/anime have you been watching? Do they have any sexual content or suggestive imagery? I know from experience that manga is almost completely sexual so you'll want to stop viewing that immediately if you don't want to be triggered.

    Media can be a tricky area to limit as its not always clear what a tv show or movie features. But in general, try to be vigilant about screening what you watch for awhile, especially early on ( has a 'parental guidance section' that provides a good overview of show content). If you think its a bad idea for you to watch something because of triggering content, it probably is. Watch something else or do something else. God bless man.
  3. Wow, my brother. Your stress levels must be out of control. I’ve been burned out before and I think you might be there. Step one in my opinion is to find healthy ways of controlling and reducing your stress levels. What worked for me was to take a walk for at least an hour at a local park. Your executive functions and higher reasoning are engaged if you must pay attention to where you are walking and you can get out of your inner dialogue which generally is negative. Next get your earbuds out and listen to a podcast by Craig Perra. Walk three times a week and listen to him. He has a keen insight and awesome reality-based quick-working tools you can use right away to break the cycle.
    The podcast I used was called the mindful habit system. As mentioned in another post, steer clear of danger zones like Pseudo-porn. Watch documentaries, good quality family films, start journaling and delve into your thought processes. Give up Energy drinks, take study breaks, and find ways to socialize without using alcohol or drugs, engage in conversation. If you have access to a school counselor set up a meeting because they are sworn to secrecy and provide a great Service. A little known fact is that people with addictions often consider hurting themselves, so this is not at all and unreasonable idea. Remember that shame, guilt, And fear are your enemy. You are worthy, you are more than enough, you are unique and are not a bad person.
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  4. Another thing...we care about you.

    I had to admit to myself that I was not able to stop myself after trying for most of my adult life. I say to myself: “With help I can do it. I have support to reach out to. I have other men who have been there and accept me for who I am and who I want to be.” My shame, remorse and pain of guilt are real and will be with me forever but I can forgive myself. I have tools. I have hope. I am lovable. I have replaced bad habits with good ones. I am the kind of man who does not look at porn.
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