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    I tried this about 4-5 years ago when i felt like i had more to live for, but its been pretty much downhill since. I started watching porn at 8, masturbation at 11, and since then have had a handful of abstinence periods. Ive had sex many times, but only one time it lead to ejaculation after a 3 week nofap period(oral sex ive ejaculated a handful of times but its been years since). Im 24 now and im getting fed up with the lifestyle. All of my exes have mentioned this as being the main problem in our relationship. Im starting to worry that i will never regain my sensitivity and sex drive i once had. Im ready to take back my life. If anyone has words of advice or encouragement they could offer that would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you all
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    It sounds like you are on the right track but need more discipline. I'm 32 and still struggling so don't feel so bad at age 24.

    If my life is any sort of example then don't let it happen to you. I had a huge wake up call yesterday and I'm going for at least 90 days hard mode going forward. Something I've never done before.

    If you aren't already doing so follow some YouTubers that talk about self improvement and abstinence. They do help. Project stronger self, improvement pill are a few good ones.

    Think of it this way. You only get one life and in 16 years you will be 40. At that stage you will be past your prime and must be both mentally and financially stable. Continuing to Fap will only prevent you from achieving this.

    This year I was due to be securing a mortgage, going on holiday to Thailand and several other good things. All of that went up in smoke due to a few relapses and being unable to handle my emotions (also porn related).

    Don't do it man, this sh*t ruins your life. You've been warned.
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    Hi, I am happy to read your will gain special powers if you try to avoid ejaculation.

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