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    There's a girl ive been pursuing for a few weeks now but I just found out she doesn like me it was on the day after i relapsed as well. feeling really shit, i shouldnt let it control my mood but it just does, help?
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    Hey man, I just want say that you can't let failure affect you in any way... look at this as a growing opportunity and move on. There are girls that are not going to like you in this world but there are girls that will love you in this world... you have to be true to yourself first. Also understand that a relapse is just a setup for a comeback and with every relapse, you tend to get stronger on a mental aspect... You just have to stick with your goals and stay cannot give up. With "heartbreaks", It's hard to get over at first, I understand that but who's to say that you and her cant be friends... who's to say you cant be friends with any female that you find attractive or vice versa. Before you know it, you'll look back at the situation and see how far you've come to overcome the small stuff... you may not see it now but you'll see it one day... I'm speaking off of experience. Stay strong my friend and hope this helps you on your entire journey !

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    Hey man I know that feel, (I once found out the girl I fancied went out with some "alpha-male" dude). you obviously don't have to follow my advice. But if you just try to let it go - she is just a human, and if she doesn't like you - so what? There is almost nothing you can do about that, your personalities just don't "resonate".

    If there's something you can do to make yourself more attractive - it's NoFap. It gives huge increase in self-confidence, eliminates social anxiety etc, and just generally helps you to do things you wouldn't have balls to do otherwise - like talking to a girl, for example.
    Needless to say, it also makes you more attractive in her eyes, so, if I was to tell what you should do, I'd say you have to really focus on NoFap - (don't dream about this girl, it leads to fantasising). You said you relapsed recently - analyse your mistakes, see how you can alter you behaviour to prevent further relapses in similar situations.

    Hope I helped, it's my first post outside my rebooting log, so don't judge me too harshly:)

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