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  1. I suffer from PIED. It's slowly getting better, to the point where I was able to sleep with a girl for a minute. You can't really count that, but from where I've come from it was a big step. However I have taken a couple steps back, and have just recently got back on track. However I now like the girl, but am too nervous to try to sleep with her again, especially if it ends up being as short as before (if it would even work at all). I know the girl likes me, but I can't satisfy her needs and shes confused why. I don't feel comfortable telling anyone close to me about this issue. Now there is a new guy in the picture, and even though I know she would rather me, he is not suffering from my issues. I fear I am going to lose this girl. What do I do? I really have no idea. I know there is no way to speed up rebooting. But this is weighing on me really really badly.
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    If you get intimate with her again, I suggest being honest about your situation. Be genuine and tell her how you feel.
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    Maybe you can play some music in the house while you are intimate with her. perhaps the music can help. or maybe have sex in cold shower, so if you're about to cum, just align yourself to cool the balls.

    How do you know he is not suffering from any issues? many people wear a mask.
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    If you don't want someone to steal your girl..
    You'll be fine.

    You just need time to think.
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    If she really likes You, she'll understand. If not, You're better without her.
    The worst thing You can do is to show You're insecure. Don't stress it, work on yourself, be confident, don't watch porn and jack off and You'll get better.
    You have your mouth and fingers, which can do a lot if your dick is not cooperating. Start reading and learning about that.
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